NLP Language

This is not your father’s English class. Here you will learn easily how your everyday language structures your thought process and how your thought processes then create your behaviors.

You will learn how to lead yourself and others to better thinking and as you know, how you think determines your behaviors.

Don’t believe me? What are you thinking of while watching TV just before you get up for a snack or perhaps it’s what you were told to think of, those tricky TV marketers.

How would you like to have the power to move people to action by using powerful everyday language, how useful would that be?

Have you ever asked someone “do you know what time it is” and they told you the time instead of answering the question, yes or no? Of course, this is what you wanted in the first place but did you even realize it was a yes or no question when you asked it?

If I say to you, don’t think of an orange, what do you do, you think of an orange. Now think of an apple, so you see it doesn’t matter which way you do it, you can still direct someone to do something whether you tell them to do it or not do it.

Done right you can easily language people into action. Remember you’re people too so you can use this to your benefit as well as others.

Learning the real process of language will enable you to better communicate, negotiate, educate, sell and heal yourself and others.

Learn the hidden secrets of the Milton model and the Meta Model which will show you how language can direct meaning and thought that prevents you from thinking clearly. Knowing this will greatly enhance your understanding.

Learn more about NLP Language by checking out our NLP Training, you’ll always be glad you did.