Success Stories

Who Benefits From Life Coaching?
Our oldest client was seventy-two.
Our youngest client was eleven.

True Life Coaching Break-thrus

Note: The stories in this article are not described with minute accuracy to protect the privacy of the individuals, but the sum & substance of it is correct.


Suzanne came to me for Break-thru Coaching because she had been raped by her father when she was a small child and was suffering from terrible nightmares still.

Suzanne was 72.

Suzanne was having nightmares that little white worms were crawling out of her fingers. She wanted the nightmares to stop and had read about us in the daily paper and called me for an appointment.

She wanted to work with a man because a man had been the cause of the problem and so rationalized that a man could help her to overcome the problem.

Suzanne’s Break-thru was spread over 3 afternoons and was very successful.

After the first session the nightmares changed. After the second session the nightmares stopped and by the third session Suzanne was feeling good about her and was experiencing piece of mind.

Sixty some years of suffering and finally now having piece of mind?
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Physical Pain

David called for a Break-thru Coaching session reluctantly, prompted by his wife. He had suffered for over ten years with pain from the waist down. He had been to an army of doctors, psychologists, and councilors over that period with no solution and no hope. It was all in his head.

The pain didn’t seem to have any reason, there was nothing broken or out of place nor did it prevent David from excelling in sports yet it was real pain none the less.

David was well educated and excelled in sports but was not at all successful in his chosen career. Feeling disadvantaged by others who were blocking his career path, there was a feeling of hopelessness, anger and frustration.

Our Break-thru session was a battle as David was an analytical skeptic having been to all the “professionals” with all the answers. After two sessions the battle was over and David was the clear winner.

Leaving the Break-thru session without pain and knowing when the pain returned what he was doing to cause it.

David, now with hope and renewed expectation, was offered and took a new position in the location he wanted doing exactly what he wanted and is very satisfied with the way his life is moving. Get a Life Coaching Package that will help you break-thru.


Sinclair came to his Break-thru Coaching session not really knowing why.

He was successful, owned his own company, doing well financially and also spent some time in Florida over the winter.

By North American standards Sinclair was doing well but something was not right something was missing. With no drive, no real motivation it was hard to get out of bed let alone charge into the day.

Sinclair said things were going well but “I thought at my age things would be different, I’d be further ahead, more satisfied”.

He was in his mid forties and the goals he had reached weren’t paying off the way he had planned. There was no satisfaction in his life. No payoff for all the hard work.

What’s life all about if all you do is wake up work hard all day then go to bed at night?

The Break-thru happened suddenly with a realization of a misinterpreted youthful experience, misplaced values, the hunt for self realization and feeling good.

Sinclair closed down his company and started another one with more satisfying outcomes. The new company has grown; Sinclair has been busier and happier with goals meeting and fulfilling values that carry meaning and self satisfaction.

Success isn’t about making more money but rather the anticipation of achieving the goal that gets you out of bed everyday. Feeling good about achieving it rather than when you achieve it is key. Get a Life Coaching Package that will help you break-thru.

Mothers and Daughters

Brianna felt unloved and rejected by her mother.

Brianna was three when her father left her mother and her mother hated him for it. And worse, Brianna wore her father’s face and therefore wore her mother’s anger through physical and mental abuse throughout her childhood and beyond.

It took two years for Brianna to come and see me, two years of friends, acquaintances and professionals advising strongly. You see, most people including you, don’t really think there is anything that powerful to help them out of the traumatic effects that life can have on them.

Also, confiding in someone that you have something that disturbs you emotionally at that level is difficult to do. You may think that other will think wrong of you.

What you, like Brianna don’t realize is that most people have traumatic skeletons in their closets. We keep them hidden from each other, thinking we are the only ones. And worse, think that they cannot be overcome easily.

Brianna finally called me and the free consultation turned into a Break-thru session that resulted in relief and realization. The past didn’t change, what happened, happened, but the emotional turmoil that was weighing Brianna down was lifted.

Having lost the emotional weight, Brianna was then able to lose physical weight as well. After shedding the baggage of childhood abuse she has established a relationship with her mother?on her terms. Get a Life Coaching Package that will help you break-thru.


Kelly was the younger sister of a 12 year old client I was working with. Because my client was a child, I recommended to the parents that I do the work their home where she would feel safe with her parents near by.

It was the second session and I was getting a drink of water from the kitchen when Kelly, the 11 year old sister, asked me if she could have coaching. I asked her why she wanted coaching. She told me she was very angry. How do you know you are angry, I asked? “Oh I throw things, scream and slam doors over little things.” “I know I shouldn’t get so angry over everything but I can’t control my temper?.can I have coaching?” I told her she would have to ask her mom. This very intelligent young lady immediately got permission from her mother.

Before I was to work with Kelly, her mother warned me that she would do everything through her beanie babies. I said I was flexible and would work around the babies.

The session began with Kelly introducing me to all of her beanie babies. All their names and who they were married to along with all their children. She then took a deep breath and sighed. She pointed to a beanie baby that was separate from the rest?.”that’s Kim”, she said with a disgusted tonality, “she’ll never get married?.she is just like me and she’s not nice.”

I figured I had my work cut out for me since there was some pretty deep stuff going on with this little girl. We spent about 2 hours together and things seemed to go well. Kelly reported at the end of the session that she was no longer angry about what happened to her “when she was little” and couldn’t get the bad feeling back.

Because it’s harder to tell what is going on with children, I left there that day not totally knowing how well it all worked. Was Kelly over this anger that she professed to have her entire life? Would Kelly’s angry attitude persist into adulthood or would she regain her carefree childhood ways?

When I returned the following week to find out how Kelly was doing, she immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall to her room. “Come with me”, she said excitedly, “come with me?.I’ve got to tell you something.” I followed her down the hall to her bedroom. With a big smile on her face she pointed to Kim, the beanie baby that had been separate and just like her, up on the shelf?..” exclaiming loudly she got married!” Get a Life Coaching Package that will help you break-thru.

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