Comments from our coaching clients:


“I knew I could be much more efficient and productive but could never quite figure out why I wasn’t doing what I knew I should and could be doing. Ronda’s coaching service was just what I needed to get me on track and keep me focused. Thanks Ronda.”
Bill Denyar, CIM, FCSI, CFP, Financial Advisor

“Thank you for the healing light you brought to my past, present and future. That’s a lot of light and its THANKS to you for being a loving talented and wise person as you are, and more than that.”
With love and happiness, Yael Tsvieli, Social Worker Israel

“Coaching instantly resulted in both subtle and extreme changes in my thought patterns. I am on a path of professional and personal success that is being enhanced through each coaching session.”
Kendra Bishop, BKin Brooklyn, Nova Scotia

“Life Potential Developments has helped me more than I can ever express. Ronda and Bob are such caring, wonderful people who want to help you live your best life. They go out of their way to guide, support and help you maximize your life potential. I really didn?t know what great things were in store for my future until I worked with Ronda. She taught me the necessary tools to overcome my fears and help me push forward to live the life that I have always wanted. For the first time in my life I finally have peace of mind, and until you have it you will never know just how special that is. I am finally living the life that I have always wanted and I owe it all to Ronda and Bob for showing me the way.”
Jennifer Skuffham, Coordinator for Volunteer Services

“I worked personally with Ronda…the work she did really reinforced some changes I needed to make in my life. I can say that through the work we did together, my health took a turn for the better. I am truly thankful for her help and assistance.”
Joe Torcicollo, Clinical Director of Beyond the Scale Brooklyn, NY USA

“I remember the anxiety… and I remember the fear…and I remember the resistance I felt…and the guilt that followed from not receiving what was mine all along. And then one day I decided to try something new…only because it was more convenient, and I was ready to let go…I was ready to trust. That was the day I had my phone coaching from Ronda. I learned about trust, and where my resistance came from, and within that two hours, I began to remove my past from my present, so I could just be…That was the day I set myself free…”
Krista McKay Wilmot, Nova Scotia