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NLP Membership

What If Our NLP Memberships Are Your Key To Personal Freedom?

Which One Would You Choose?

Let your mind run wild for a minute and ask yourself this question, "What If I Could Be Anything I Wanted?" If you're like many, you'll shrink away using logic and reason as to why you can't, yet continue wishing and dreaming you could.

But if you're one of the few who dares to become great,
then your curiosity will have taken you there, and you may now want to know - How?

NLP Memberships

Below, we're offering you a choice of 4 Wonder Full memberships that can take you on your personal journey to greatness. Check each of them out because great people have an uncanny knowledge of what's best for them.

Bronze Membership
Bronze Membership

NLP Success Strategies Audios - Each month Ronda interviews another NLP Expert to bring you tips, tricks, and processes that can give you big Ah-Ha moments of truth. With each expert coming from a different background, Ronda takes you step by step through their failures and successful life events. Ronda digs out the steps that you can easily follow to avoid the pitfalls and reach your greatness with ease.

Silver Membership
Silver Membership

NLP Applied Videos Plus Success Strategies Audios (Bronze Membership) - Each month you will get a Life Potential exclusive NLP mini training in video form showing you what to do to break down the barriers that are stopping you from enjoying life and achieving greatness. Easy to understand and easy to use, yet powerful and precise in overcoming life's toughest problems.

Gold Membership
Gold Membership

Audio NLP Training - Our full NLP live training captured on audio. Students paid $2495.00 (some traveling over 5,208 km) to get our 12 day NLP certification training, and this is the same information they received.  It's now yours for the low cost of membership. All content is intact, and there is plenty of it to keep you learning for a long, long time guaranteed!

Diamond Membership
Diamond Membership

The whole Enchilada ... You get everything that's in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership (NLP Applied Videos Plus Success Strategies Audios Plus Audio NLP Training) and More! We throw in a couple of extras because you're obviously a person who understands and appreciates the power of NLP. Above all, you're showing your willingness to learn and use everything you can to improve your life and the lives of others. And for that, we're showing our appreciation by giving you even more! 

Also ... With Every Membership

Every month brings you a “Now Let’s Play” Newsletter featuring successful students, the “Help Me Ronda” and “NLP Applied” columns, Quote of the Month and of course a message from Yodie & Laylee, the NLP Training Cats, with more NLP tips!!

And we also have other goodies like Members Only Private Blog Post and more ... So pick a membership and let's get started!