NLP Presupposition – Whose Fault When You’re Misled By This Simple Language Trick?

NLP Presupposition

An NLP Presupposition is basically a statement where something stated is presupposed to exist by the listener or reader, because of the way the sentence is structured.

Presuppositions are arguably the most powerful language patterns taught in our NLP Training Online.

Why You Should Care

One reason you should care what an NLP Presupposition is, and how they are used, is to prevent some people who use them in a bad way from misleading you. Causing you to make decisions or believe things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

Like when you’ve been convinced to vote for someone then regretting it later. Or after being sold an item only to find out it’s not what you thought it was, then feeling like you were misled and ripped off.

And, if you’re in a professional field working directly with people, then recognizing the use of an NLP Presupposition is an absolute must. Otherwise, clients will inadvertently have you following them down the rabbit hole, much to the chagrin of you and your client.

Lie or NLP Presupposition – How To Tell

Let’s say you recognized a few of the many NLP Presuppositions I use in this article. Would you consider them lies or the proper use of an NLP Presupposition within the story?

Well, first you may have to determine what a lie is. Some lies are blatant while others are not.

As Paul Ekman, the author of the book “Telling Lies” states, “there are two primary ways to lie: to Conceal and to Falsify. In concealing the liar withholds some information without actually saying anything untrue.”

Paul also states that “not everyone considers concealment to be lying”. And I’m sure you can understand why.

For example, no loving parent would lie to their children, but all will conceal certain things, especially at certain times of the year.

What You Can Do …

So, if you’re serious about improving your life, how things happen to you and how to make things happen, then you owe it to yourself and others to learn the full power of the NLP Presupposition.

Because, now that you’ve come this far there will be no doubt in “Whose Fault When You’re Misled By This Simple Language Trick?” in the future, now, will there?

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