NLP Presuppositions The Easy Way

NLP Presuppositions

People read about NLP Presuppositions, they hear how important they can be, they even quote these facts. But often they never really learn them or use them in their lives.

I want to help you learn, and use NLP Presuppositions. Why? Because they are the underlying structure of everything NLP.

And if you read what I have to say below you can start to gain insight to their importance.

It all started with a Quest

Have you ever tried finding something you knew you had, had seen it often, but for some reason now that you want it you couldn’t find it?

Well, my mom always kept a special picture of me at age 18  hanging on the living room wall.

It was special because I was in uniform, having just graduated from the Naval Basic Training Center at Cornwallis.

That picture was etched in my mind, and after she passed the picture went to me, of course I put it in storage with my many other pictures.

Last week I met an interesting guy while curling and we struck up a conversation about our time in the Armed Services. He was Air Force and I was Navy.

This fellow was associated with the Legion and creating a book on Canadians that had served. He asked if I willing to participate by submitting a picture and some brief info. I said I would be happy to.

Thinking it wouldn’t take much time, I started looking for the picture the very next day. Three days and hundreds of pictures later I finally found what I was looking for.

I guess I should have remembered the old adage about not volunteering for anything, but I happily delivered the picture and info on time Monday morning.

What NLP Presupposition Am I Using?

Now, I could have been upset about all the time I lost doing this for nothing, but I learned some great stuff because of it.

I discovered a couple pictures of my dad and I that I didn’t know existed. I shared a picture with my sister and she told me of a family and place they lived before I was born.

I found a picture of my stage debut with a local band and reconnected with one of the band members, and some other important people in my life.

And I found some old documents from special events long ago that I didn’t know I had.

Overall it was a fun, nostalgic and informative 3 days that made me feel very good about my life.

What You Can Learn

Of course I quote the NLP Presuppositions when teaching through the NLP Training Online, and especially the one that says, “There is no failure, only feedback”.

Most times I am very aware that people can state the NLP Presuppositions without really understanding them, or their purpose.

But here again is an every day occurrence where I could have seen failure – losing 3 days from my work and time off – but instead learned from the feedback (experience).

And to realize it must have been time to pay attention to something other than my work and normal activities. It was time to look up and smell the roses as they say.

There are no coincidences in life, everything happens for a reason.

What I Must Do Now

Having said that, and having written this post to share with you, I have another job to do.

I promised that fellow, creating the Legion Book, that I would give him some info on my two Uncles who served in the WWII. Now I’m pretty sure I know where the pictures are, shouldn’t take me long to find them …

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