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Does trying to balance work, relationships, kids, and all your other responsibilities leave you feeling rushed and exhausted?

If you replied “Yes!” ... you are not alone


The American Psychological Association reports that 1 in 2 women reported that stress had a negative impact on their lives. Men didn’t fare much better – 4 out of 5 men said that stress was a problem for them.

And as you’ve probably heard, too much stress increases your chances of having a heart attack or stroke and lowers your immune system.

There are even studies that suggest you may be more likely to develop deadly diseases! Still, when your boss is blaming you because a delivery is late, your toddler is having her third meltdown of the day in the cereal aisle, or the driver ahead of you just cut you off, it’s hard not to get stressed, isn’t it?

But imagine if you could relax your whole body in minutes, releasing every ounce of stress and tension you collected during the day ...

Imagine that you could relax so completely that you actually feel the warmth and calmness spreading through every cell of your body ... becoming and remaining calm within minutes - no matter how stressful a situation you find yourself in.

The De-Stress for Life and manual gives you a step-by-step process for relaxing and releasing any kind of stress.

Inside you’ll get:

  • 3 powerful relaxation “triggers” you can use in minutes
  • The 3,000 year-old stress release technique
  • How to stop “spinning” thoughts (helps you fall asleep faster!)
  • Two little words you can use to banish nervous tension
  • How to blast negative thoughts away (and replace them with better, positive images)
  • The 6-second exercise that instantly melts stress from your body
  • The secret eye trick to help you stay focused under stress
  • How to turn “stress” into “success” using only your imagination
  • Targeted exercises to relax your mind and body

"(I loved) the ease of delivery and the practical real life examples" - John Blair, Navigator, Canadian Forces, Major

"Destress For LifeDe-Stress for Life is simple and concise and very easy to incorporate into any lifestyle, also portable!" - Mary Ruth Crosby, Student & Mom

"It was informative and fun. I know that I am going to have a great sleep tonight. Very good information. Very well presented" Janice Comeau, Clerk Dept of Transportation

"De-Stress for Life taught me some great ways to help with stress and to never stop reaching for things you want." - Brent Meista

You Too, Can:

  • Perform better under pressure
  • Improve your overall health
  • Feel more at peace with your life
  • Feel more rested, focused, and in control
  • Stay balanced and grounded
  • Get a sound and restful sleep
  • Achieve mental clarity and increased productivity

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