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As you already know, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a set of techniques which are excellent for heightening achievement levels, creating lasting change, and attaining excellence.

The principles of NLP are so reality-based on everyday life, that you can teach others how to change their lives too. You can learn to apply and teach the core skills of achieving excellence: motivation, persuasion, confidence and self-esteem.

Anyone who needs to listen, support, encourage, train, or facilitate change can use NLP to create lasting results in very little time. Whether you’re a therapist, counselor, parent, teacher, coach, or in any line of work at all – you need these skills!

NLP Products Masters Bundle

You may have felt frustrated by the amount of information available. Or perhaps, you can’t find the time to take a formal course. Or the courses that you’ve found just don’t fit your busy schedule.

Well now you have a chance to sort through the maze of information and get your own mother-lode of these astonishingly powerful psychological triggers and techniques!

In the Life Language Personal Assisted Learning Series, we share the exact same strategies we have successfully taught in our popular NLP seminars.

You’ll learn how to:

Change patterns that do not work to ones that do. Uncover the root causes of stuck relationships, diffuse polarizing differences, and dissolve blocks to positive life change. Find out how specific personality patterns interact with each other, and learn how to help create mutually beneficial relationships. Learn to identify the key challenges and paths for positive growth in personal and professional relationships, and help create solutions. Learn exactly what to say or do to elicit critical evaluative information, and to keep progress on a positive track.

Create a powerful shared vision. Identify the big picture and gain new ideas on how to move forward. Quickly establish a solid foundation with others to create a sense of shared purpose with others. Gain new tools to help you work through challenges.

Develop positive communication. Increase your communication skills and reduce misunderstandings. Maintain calm authority, even in difficult circumstances. Learn new ways to have your views heard, set healthy boundaries, avoid emotional gridlock, and negotiate agreements.

Transform and eliminate negative emotions. Release old, self-defeating baggage. Learn how to resolve emotionally-charged issues, and develop new emotional choices. Learn to remain calm and centered in difficult situations and when dealing with difficult people. Master the personal tools to facilitate inner peace, self-confidence, self-support, and emotional healing.

Build positive rapport and trust. Gain the trust, respect and appreciation of those around you. Develop pro-active strategies for creating positive and productive relationships. Renew emotional relationships and rediscover buried passion.

Because NLP processes are universal, you can apply them to every area of your life, no matter your profession. NLP is used every day by successful therapists, managers, coaches, real estate professionals, teachers and many others to: 

  • Use sophisticated scientific concepts in simple, down-to-earth ways to produce results
  • Identify what you genuinely want, and design attainable goals to acquire it
  • Identify and eliminate unwanted, limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones
  • Create, choose and maintain positive behavior patterns and emotional states
  • Motivate yourself even when you are discouraged
  • Use language that influences and inspires others
  • Skillfully motivate other people in positive ways
  • Negotiate and mediate with people, defuse tension, and prevent conflicts
  • Turn potentially stressful situations into personally enhancing ones
  • Eliminate unwanted fears and phobias
  • Uncover the “hidden” information in another person’s gestures and speech
  • Use dozens of methods for creating positive and lasting change in yourself and others
  • Negotiate and mediate with people, and prevent conflicts
  • Unobtrusively apply information gathering skills necessary for good decisions
  • Know how to resolve your own internal conflicts
  • Help yourself and other people to become much more resourceful
  • And much, much more!

Life Language Personal Assisted Learning Series is uniquely designed to optimize your learning, while enhancing and maximizing your “people skills”. Plus, the Life Language Personal Assisted Learning Series is specially designed so you can learn at your own pace, and easily review the material whenever you want.

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The complete Life Language Personal Assisted Learning Series includes Meta Programs, Sleight of Mouth, and Values/Break-thru Session. Purchased separately, this valuable Series would cost you $431.00. USD

But Order This Special Value Bundle, and you’ll save $34 USD instantly! Your investment for Meta Programs, Sleight of Mouth, and Values/Break-thru Session is just $397.00. USD

NOTE: The situation covered in the Values/Break-thru Session audio demonstration is adult in nature, and is not suitable for children.

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