Maximize Your Life Potential Video Program

Maximize Your Life Potential training is our re-creation of the first live NLP training that I ever took.

This is the one that changed my life - Forever!

The one that literally felt like a giant kick in the butt - right into a whole new amazing world of understanding and ability. 

Maximize Your Life Video

The one that took me from failed relationship after failed relationship to the most amazingly connected relationship I could ever want, And Never Thought I’d Have.

We’ve been together over 20 years now and have created a Wonder Full Life .

This was also the first live training Ronda and I designed and taught, appropriately enough in the Land Of Evangeline, Acadia, Nova Scotia, where another historicexpulsion occurred many years ago. And we taught it to SOLD OUT crowds every year!

We then created this video program so you can now participate without having to leave your home, or travel long distances. Many of the attendees, having had major “expulsions” of past problems, went on to take the NLP Practitioner Certification Training that we taught live at the time.

This training is so successful that we include it in our NLP Training Online!

If You Want It, Here It Is – Come And Get It!

If you’re wanting a serious life change, that has until now been illusive to you, and you want to know what it feels like to start a day smiling with anticipation and excitement, and you want to feel good about yourself and be respected for who you are THEN …

See yourself taking the Maximize Your Life Potential Video Program Where you can get Change that will allow you to be or do what you’ve never been able to be or do before.

Then, perhaps you, like others, can have a breakthrough beyond your wildest dreams with Maximize Your Life Potential.


  • Doing what you really want to be doing?
  • Having the things you want to have?
  • Being who you really want to be?

What Maximize Your Life Potential Includes:

  • Learn De-stress for LifeTM, a powerful technique to harness the power of your mind to gain control and get yourself on track in five minutes
  • Discover what is really important to you about your life at the deepest level
  • Learn which unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs have been blocking you from having your dreams come true
  • Clear your past anger and re-gain personal control and well-being
  • Transform fear to personal power
  • Eliminate the paralyzing force of guilt
  • Release past sadness and pain
  • Fill your life with joy and happiness
  • Uncover and align with your true values
  • Discover how you can create your future ,regardless of the past, and do it now

How Will I Benefit?

  • Easily make decisions because they’ll be based on an inner knowing/understanding You will have clarity on what you’re life course is to be Knowing that others will appreciate the real you
  • Fill your life with joy and happiness when you know what really brings it
  • Obtain peace of mind … you don’t know how important it is until you get it

Who Should Get This Program?

  • If you are motivated to change you life for the better.
  • If you feel that it’s time to do something just for you.
  • If you want more “feel good” time out of life.
  • If you want to understand yourself and others better.
  • If you want to stop excess negative emotions from controlling your life.

Get “Maximize Your Life Potential” and start living the life you want!

To your freedom and Independence. Others have it, others are doing what you want to do, the only thing preventing you is h.e.s.i.t.a.t.i.o.n

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Maximize Your Life Potential Program $250 USD