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Most of us have met at least one person we couldn’t seem to connect with. It may have been an employee who “just doesn’t get it”, a child we can’t seem to motivate, or a spouse we can’t seem to get through to.

And lack of communication usually isn’t the problem. Often there seems to be endless communication – without ever seeing any results. What’s going on here?

When you’re having difficulty communicating with another person, the chances are that it’s not your fault. You just have different meta programs.

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Meta Programs – the way in which we sift and process information – lies at the heart of NLP. Based on the work of Carl Jung, meta programs are a set of thought and behavior patterns that operate at an unconscious level.

And because these patterns operate at an unconscious level, an amazing amount of miscommunication goes on. That’s because we tend to assume everyone else sees things the way we do.

So although we understand, on the most basic level, the words another person uses, we actually don’t understand what they’re really communicating by their choice of words and behaviors.

Life Potential Developments the leaders in Neuro Linguistic Personal Coaching & Training

And as you already know, our personal and professional relationships succeed or fail based on how well we communicate with those around us. And that’s where being able to read the “secret” language of meta programs gives you an incredible advantage at work and at home.

Imagine being able to:

  • Instantly gain rapport with strangers
  • Defuse conflict situations quickly and easily
  • Choose the right person for the right job – the first time
  • Know when someone is open to your ideas – and what to do and say to get them on your side
  • Negotiate compromises that satisfy both sides Create richer relationships with family and friends
  • Develop more productive relationships with clients and co-workers
  • Detect when someone is telling you the truth, or just saying what they think you want to hear
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your personal and professional relationships
  • Help people understand exactly what you want them to understand
  • Understand how to make choices that empower you and enrich your life
  • Help influence others to make positive choices for themselves
  • Discover the unconscious reasons why we hold back personal and professional achievement
  • Enjoy better harmony at home and at work

Life Potential Developments the leaders in Neuro Linguistic Personal Coaching and Training

Understanding meta programs is critical to success in all areas of life. That’s why we offer this comprehensive Life Language Meta Programs Course. We’ve purposely designed this series to be convenient to use and easy-to follow.

Through the manual (PDF) and guided audio ?you’ll learn how to uncover the “hidden” meanings and motivations from strangers, friends, and business associates.

“It was amazing how a few questions could gather so much information. I loved the live interviews and the explanations of how to communicate with each of these individuals and how to keep them happy in their careers…invaluable in my career.” - Colleen Winters, Sales Manager New York

In real-life examples, this first volume of the Life Language Series takes you through three full-length recorded interview situations.

After each interview, you’ll receive a full explanation of how to use the information gathered. The explanation will cover both personal relationships and work relationships.

The audios also cover the most common meta programs people use, and how to you can work within those programs to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

You’ll discover specific language “triggers” that reveal true motivations and inner drives. And you’ll learn the three simple questions that will save you hours of interview time.

In your Life Language Meta Programs Course you’ll receive:

3 Guided Audios:

  • The History and Foundations of Meta Programs
  • The 16 Major Complex Meta Programs
  • Perceptual Filters Worksheet from demos (PDF)
  • Perceptual Filters Worksheet Templates (PDF)
  • 16 Illustrated Flipchart Templates (PDF)

Whether you’re a therapist, teacher, manager, or parent, Life Language Meta Programs will help you to communicate more skillfully and effectively. Once you know and apply these patterns you’ll be able to quickly and easily put them to work for you

In Your Personal Life

  • Be happier
  • Be more persuasive
  • Enjoy more joyous and fulfilling relationships
  • Deal with difficult people calmly and effectively
  • Build instant rapport with anyone, anywhere
  • Achieve your life goals with less struggle

In Business

  • Get a job
  • Motivate people
  • Sell successfully
  • Hire the right person
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce infighting
  • Profile employees and customers

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