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Persuasion helps us to get what we want, and need, from others. We use persuasion every day, in all areas of our lives. Yet many people assume that if you are not a salesperson you don’t need good persuasion skills. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

  • Encouraged your child to make the right choices
  • Tried to get a friend to see your point of view
  • Needed the cooperation of other people to complete a project
  • Tried to help others as a counselor, teacher, therapist, or coach
  • Negotiated the price of a new car or other item
  • Felt manipulated by someone who didn’t have your best interests at heart
  • Knew someone was “tuning you out” but didn’t know how to get their attention
NLP Products Sleight of Mouth

In all these situations and more, good persuasion skills make the difference that achieves a successful outcome. And the first step in acquiring good persuasion skills is to be able to understand the patterns in everyday language, referred to in NLP as “Sleight of Mouth”.

If your job or line of work requires you to communicate frequently, or to convince, persuade, or motivate others towards positive outcomes – you need to be proficient in Sleight of Mouth skills.

“Sleight of Mouth” refers to the patterns of speech and frames of references we use to create the context in which we communicate with each other. Sleight of Mouth patterns also create the context in which others understand what we are trying to communicate.

And in all persuasion situations, whether in therapy, sales or personal interaction it is critical that you are able to help people open up to what you are saying. Sleight of Mouth patterns will help you do just that by dissolving objections and resistance like magic! Even better, you can use these patterns in what seems like normal conversation.

Life Language Sleight of Mouth Program helps you master these important skills. You'll be able to help others overcome their limiting beliefs, open up to new ideas, and find a new perspective or point of view.

NLP Products Sleight of Mouth

"All the material I came across for Sleight of Mouth patterns have never filled in the gaps like this program. The live demonstrations really give you an insight of how it all works.” Michael Howard, Palm Beach Florida

In the Life Language Sleight of Mouth Course you’ll get: An audio containing a comprehensive explanation of Sleight of Mouth…specific questions to use to generate Sleight of Mouth patterns… live demonstrations of 5 different problem-solving situations… suggestions for perfecting and using these Sleight of Mouth patterns… and more. You’ll also get the Life Language Sleight of Mouth workbook (PDF) containing:

  • 16 different Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Examples of each Sleight of Mouth pattern
  • Questions to generate Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Transcript of live demonstration audio
  • Sleight of Mouth Template sample
  • Sleight of Mouth Template forms to copy and use
  • Meta Model
  • Meta Model (short form)

Powerful Sleight of Mouth patterns can (and should) be used by counselors, salespeople, teachers, health professionals, parents, lawyers, politicians, journalists, law enforcement professionals, and anyone else who needs to use communication as a key element of their work.

In Your Personal Life

  • Negotiate agreements
  • Motivate people
  • Create cooperation
  • Gain respect
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce resistance
  • Improve communication

In Business

  • Persuade others easily
  • Encourage and motivate
  • Eliminate misunderstandings in relationships
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Create open communication
  • Create and trust without struggle

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