The NLP Coaching Handbook

“NLP Coaching Handbook"An invaluable reference guide for NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Coaches. It neatly fills a gap in the market between summary cards and text books. If you coach regularly, this booklet is for you....” - John Seymour, co-author, Introducing NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People

NLP Coaching Handbook

Ever since reading my very first book on NLP - neuro linguistic programming, I wanted to use NLP to help people - help people get their lives back - because that's exactly what it did for me.

Yet, when I tried to use NLP, I wouldn't always remember what techniques to use or when to use them. And not only that, I would often forget the steps or get the order mixed up.

At other times I would simply get stuck, and wonder ... what the heck do I do now?

The more this happened - the more frustrated I got. The more frustrated I got - the more this happened.

I was on a confidence crashing rat wheel.

I asked others using NLP if they had experienced this, and many had, so I asked what they did to combat the problem. Well I got an interesting array of answers. Everything from crib notes on the bookcase to recipe cards to read from - but nothing worked for me.

As years went by I became better and had some favourite techniques down pat but, whenever I wanted to try a new NLP technique, the same old problem arose, and to tell you the truth, it kept me from getting better faster because I didn't want to forget and feel stupid in front of people.

Many years later, while doing NLP Certification Trainings, Ronda and I noticed our students having the same problem, so Ronda decided it was time to do something about it.

After many weeks, often working into the wee hours of the morning, all while nursing her dying cat, Tuppy, Ronda emerged with the first copy of the ...

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Personal Coaching Handbook

Our students became our beta testers and gave us feed back to make the NLP Neuro-Linguistic Personal Coaching Handbook better, and we used it in all our coaching sessions to make sure it worked, and work it did!

“If you want a quick and easy reference guide to NLP for patterns and processes if you are coaching or facilitating another's resourcefulness, NLP Handbook is the book. In just over 100 pages you have at your fingertips the essential patterns of traditional NLP. Well done!....” - L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. The Most Prolific Writer In NLP

How much of the information in the - NLP Neuro-Linguistic Personal Coaching Handbook - will become invaluable to you?

The first entry is the Table of Contents, which shows you how to easily find every NLP technique and processes you will ever want to use - You won't need to fumble through large cumbersome manuals anymore.

All the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner techniques are here at your finger tips.

How To Use Your Handbook - (page 1) and what's covered is:

Intake Interview Checklist - (Page 2)

  • Should you do a free initial consultation by phone or in person?
  • The 4 things you absolutely must discuss in the consultation - or suffer the consequences.
  • The 14 points to cover during your session.

These 14 points alone could keep you from being 1 in 4 out of business the first year.

NLP Model of Coaching - (page 3)

The big picture view of the NLP coaching process.

What To Do When - Interview & Changework - (page 4)

This is the detailed picture of the coaching process describing what techniques you can use for a specific problem or issue including:

    • The 2 things always occurring ...
    • The 9 interview skills ...
    • The 12 First Order Changework Skills (contextualized)...
    • The 9 Second Order Changework Skills (across contexts)...
    • Test and Future Pace ...

- Present State/Outcome State Script - (page 7)

Have you ever forgotten a step in the process? I know I have. And do you sometimes get a client who is all over the place - popping up questions - one problem leading to another, and another ? ...

Well, fear not, the Present State/Outcome State Script comes to your rescue.

This script breaks the coaching process down into 4 easy steps and the A - B - C's of those steps, and even reminds you when to break state so your client doesn't drag the unwanted present state into the desired outcome state. Because, after all, it's this process on page 7 that makes NLP Coaching so magically effective and keeps it leaps and bounds ahead of any other coaching or therapy model.

- Meta Model - short form - (page 8 )

Because identifying the root problem, as you know, means you can now be the HERO by using a technique to blow the problem out ... too easy.

- Chunking questions - (page 9)

Use chunking questions to easily change logical levels. Remember, the greater your ability to chunk up and down, the greater your flexibility as a coach.

- Strategies - (page 10)

The elicitation questions that lay bare your clients model of the world, how they process the information and do what they do.

- Meta Programs Reference - (pages 11-12)

“Ronda Degaust and Bob Clarke's Neuro-linguistic Personal Coaching Handbook is an excellent handbook to keep in your pocket for quick reminders of all the techniques you are using or have forgotten to use since your training. Very clear, very visual and a delight to peruse...” - Shelle Rose Charvet, author: Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence

- Values Elicitation - (page 13)

The NLP Meta Programs and Values are areas that few master, and few masters reveal - if you want to know how Dr. Milton Erickson was able to get the results he became famous for - the secrets he never revealed - it's what is known in NLP as the Meta Programs and Values.

Without this information, well, it's like working with a canned sales pitch. Blah, blah blah. Your lips are moving but they ain't hearing what your saying.

Also covered is how to Test and Future Pace your work before the client leaves. This insures you know the process was successful and more importantly - your client knows it worked - giving them an extra convincer, to make it stick.

And if there is ever an odd time you may still feel stuck in your process, we have you covered on page 103 - What To Do If You Get Stuck - so you NEVER GET STUCK AGAIN!

Page 104 starts the Glossary of Terms and page 107 has Ronda's favourite Dr. Milton Erickson quote.

The visually aided - at a glance - easy to follow - techniques are on pages 14 through 85.

General information on areas of NLP that you will find useful - for yourself and your client - run from page 87 to 108

Our students use it and love it, NLP practitioners throughout the world who have purchased their own copy use it and love it, John Seymour - Michael Hall and Shelle Rose Charvet love it, and now we want you to join our experts using and loving the NLP Neuro-Linguistic Personal Coaching Handbook. Get It Now ...

Revised Edition $47 USD

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