Values Breakthru Session

If we want to create positive and lasting change we need to define our life’s desires. And to define our true desires, we must first define and identify our values. That’s because personal values are what drives us and our life choices.

Values help us assign relative importance to human needs such as affection, recognition, security, satisfaction, and more. And our values are crucial to every decision we make – good or bad.

Of course, each person values, or assigns importance to, his or her needs and desires differently. Yet even though our values affect our lives in the most essential and basic ways, few people consciously choose their values.

NLP Products Values Breakthru

In fact, most people live with values which may not be the best choice for them, and which others have selected for them. The resulting conflict invariably creates blocks to personal happiness and fulfillment.

Life Language Values/Break-thru Session audio and Manual (PDF) shows you how to use the powerful techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to dissolve values blocks, and allow clients to: Gain clarity and take positive action - Release upset and hurt feelings from past interactions - Identify and change negative interaction patterns - Communicate more skillfully and effectively - Reframe problems as opportunities and find solutions - Break impasses and get unstuck - Deal with charged issues calmly and positively. 

  • Increase feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Master new patterns for resolving differences
  • Build trust in others more easily
  • Make requests more effectively
  • Identify new ways of finding agreement
  • Release and heal old baggage
  • Renew appreciation and affection

Life Language Values/Break-thru Session demonstrates NLP techniques that enable individuals to clarify their values and make positive changes.

As the demonstration session will show, these techniques are particularly useful for breaking through relationship blocks, to move forward and achieve more positive, fulfilled relationships.

Follow along as Ronda takes you through a values session with a volunteer. The audio and accompanying manual (PDF) help you gain a command of sound coaching techniques for helping clients gain new understanding and create the life and relationships they desire.

The Life Language Values/Break-thru Session audio takes you through each phase of an NLP values elicitation session leading to the breakthrough: 

  • Values
  • Values are Synesthesias
  • Overview: Values Interview
  • Steps to Values Elicitation
  • Values Elicitation Demonstration
  • Intimate Relationships Hierarchy of Values
  • Three Tests for Values Alignment
  • Logical Level of Abstraction
  • Syntax
  • Elicitation of Motivation Direction of Values

  • Demonstration of Motivation Direction Elicitation (1)
  • Test for Motivation Direction
  • Types of Values Conflicts
  • Demonstration of Motivation Direction Elicitation (2)
  • Demonstration of Values Intervention
  • Demonstration of Values Intervention Summary
  • Shifting the Importance of Values Using Submodalities
  • Drop Through Method
  • Drop Through Demonstration
  • Recovery Strategy

Life Language Values/Break-thru Session is ideal for anyone seeking improved relationships with family members, friends or business colleagues, or more fulfilling intimate relationships.

These powerful techniques can be used for anyone to help them make self-supportive decisions and be more in charge of their own successful life-outcomes.

NOTE: The situation covered in the audio demonstration is adult in nature, and is not suitable for children.

NLP Products Values Breakthru

Read what the demonstration client had to say two years later!

"....I know that we met at a very crucial time in my life and I feel forever grateful for the immediate connection that we had and for the relationship that grew from that first meeting. I know that I would not be where I am or who I am today if we had not met. ...I know I owe the success of my marriage, the creation and birth of my children, and the return of a healthy state of mind, to our meeting and the changes that our meeting provoked. I am thankful for the career path that you and Bob chose to take, for that path also drew me toward a healthier place for myself and my husband. I wish you all the success that you have shown others for yourselves and your business. I will do whatever I can to spread the message and the promise that NLP has to offer. Keep up the great work!" Leanne, full-time mom of two, and NLP 'junkie' 

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