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You may assume this NLP book is called “Crawling Out Of The P.I.T … to a new understanding!” because PIT is an analogy connected to the dank, dark, dangerous coal mines in the authors native province of Nova Scotia. But it’s not. The P.I.T stands for (NLP) Practitioner In Training. It’s about an amazing life transformation, like coal to a diamond.

  • Create closer, more meaningful, and better relationships …
  • Finally understand why others do what they do – then easily adapt 
  • Discover what you must change to live your life freely
  • Understand the meaning of your life and take charge of it …
  • Evolve – like coal to diamond – without the stress
  • Get transformation through the power of NLP!

Crawling Out Of The P.I.T … to a new understanding! – $9.97 Value

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