Is Your NLP Training Model Stuck in the 60s?

Is Your NLP Training Model Stuck In The 60s?

NLP Training Model

“The Times They Are a-Changin” was a song first recorded in 1963 for the album of the same name by Bob Dylan. Do you remember it?

Times were a changing in 63, and they’ve changed a lot since then, I know I have, I was only 8 in 63.

But some people are still stuck on training the same old fashion way as people did way back then.

Isn’t That’s Risky?

They sign up for a training in some far off city, hoping the training will go through and not be cancelled due to a lack of interest, or one of hundreds of other reason.

They pay extra for transportation to get there, usually by air. Then they go through the hassle of long lineups and cramped travel conditions, possible flight cancellations and delays.

Staying in hotels brings its own problems. In busy seasons hotels can over book with the possibility of leaving you stranded or up selling to a more expensive room. Cost mount. Hotel food is over priced and not the healthiest place to eat.

That Does Not Compute

But , if all goes well you finally get to the training location. Now you get pounded with new information at such a speed your brain feels numb. You can’t keep up, you feel totally confused and wonder if you will be able to make use of anything you’ve … um… learned.

So, for 1963 this would not seem odd at all. As a matter of fact, there was no other way.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

But, now, 40 years later, gaining information using this method seems more than a little archaic, it’s almost bizarre.

We have had visual internet for 20 years or so, and YouTube has been pumping out videos since 2005.

Business and Universities have been reaching out with video and audio training long enough to make it as common as sliced bread.

Yes, the times they are a changing, but how about you, are you changing to keep up or is your thinking still back in the 60’s?

In case you still think the only way to take a training is the old archaic way, here’s what some of our students are saying:

Ronda and Bob offer one of the most well formatted and thorough training courses available today. If you’re looking to dive head first into the world of NLP on YOUR schedule…this is the system for you!”

Todd Newton – “America’s Life Coach” and Master NLP Practitioner


“I have just begun the training and have found Bob and Ronda incredibly helpful and caring!

Though I have a Ph.D. in psychology I can already see how beneficial NLP can be in therapy – especially with abused women, PTSD patients and marriage counseling. The information given is quite good and has a great flow to it – making it easy to learn.

Some of the principles, such as communication, I had already been using and this was quite encouraging. I recommend this training to anyone – therapist, psychologist, counselor or someone in the business field. It is very insightful and will be a great help to people in all walks of life!”

Dr. Gordon Sudduth TX


For years I have wanted to complete an NLP program as I knew the potential of this knowledge, so when I did my research I found that Life Potential Developments had one of the most comprehensive courses available.

The program was thorough and challenging throughout each of the modules, extremely fulfilling and the support provided from both Ronda and Bob toward understanding the concepts was simply phenomenal.

This program worked extremely well into my personal, professional and educational life (yes all at once) as there were no time constraints for completion.

As a mediator, the knowledge and techniques provided in this program are absolutely invaluable in my profession and Anthony Robbins stated it quite well:  To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

Jeff Wilson B.A. Q.Med.  Phoenix Mediations


So what’s your next move, take an old archaic 1960s style high priced travel and forget training or a more modern – learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, available when you are, repeat as often as you like miss nothing training?

Yup, “The Times They Are a-Changin”



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