NLP Training Near Me Or Online – Which Is Better?

NLP Training near me or online?

Have you ever asked yourself, “which will be better for me, live or NLP Training Online?

I know that if you ask a trainer who makes a living from doing a live NLP training, of course, they will tell you live trainings are better. But, if you ask Ronda or me, and we’ve done both, we’ll tell you our NLP Training Online is best.

And, the big difference is, I can prove Online is better!

NLP Training – What They Don’t Tell You

As a matter of fact, I can guarantee you one thing from my many years of experience in taking many types of training, you will miss a lot of what’s going on in live training, and the little you do get will be mostly forgotten within a week.

And if you have ever been on a live training, you will be nodding your head in agreement right now because you know this is true.

One reason you will miss a lot is that you are not ready to understand all the information yet because as your knowledge grows, so does your ability to understand more of it. Also, the proper way to learn is by association. You learn something new, you connect it with something you already know, and it creates a solid understanding that sticks with you.

Were You Caught Doing This?

Teachers in the school system will reprimand students for “daydreaming” when, in fact, most of the time, the student is connecting the information. It is a “learning” trance state that appears as if the student is not paying attention, which they aren’t because they are learning what was just taught. The teacher that doesn’t understand this interrupts the learning process when they chastise the student for not paying attention.

When you are in this “leaning state,” you are also missing whatever happens next, as you would if you were daydreaming, because your full attention is in the learning state.

What You Really Need

What you need for a good, well-rounded learning process is repetition. Take a live training, and I guarantee you will have to retake it several times $$$ and you still won’t have it all. It’s not an accident that some trainers offer retakes at a reduced price, but that even cost more than initially anticipated, doesn’t it?

So, that’s why we planned and created a professional video training that is available forever, we do not impose a time limit, and you can watch as often and for as long as you like – NO EXTRA CHARGE!: )

Both Of These Are Trouble

As far as practicing with others, most people taking an NLP Training are not highly motivated to be your guinea pig. I find them either complacent or difficult to work with.

The complacent ones make the process more like role-playing, so everything always works. Just like the instructor wants because they get fewer questions, and you go away thinking you know what you’re doing.

After the training, you wake up in the real world in front of an actual client and realize that the process you learned at the training doesn’t quite work as planned. Now What???

On the other hand, the difficult people prevent you from completing the proper process or technique, and so you still don’t get satisfaction because you don’t feel you’ve done an excellent job. This behavior then anchors in a negative feeling of failure.

The next step? You give up because you don’t think you’re good enough.

Chances are you won’t blame the instructor or the demo subject because it’s more natural to blame yourself.

Compare Facts

Our online training is all about success. We have set you up for it from day one and are there for you all along the way. We recommend you find real people to work with on the exercises, so you will get real-life experiences.

You will experience success and failure, but the difference is, you will know why and then what to do when it fails. Because nothing works all the time, so we have the “what happens when” covered too. We have built that into the system, and we are here to answer any questions you have around that.

You will not get that from a live training after you leave, and may not get it from a trainer directly while at training.

We have taken many live trainings, often more than once, and have experienced the hired helpers as well as the lack of connection after the trainings, so I know what I’m talking about.

If anyone ever tells you online training is not as good as live training, I guarantee they did not get it from us. Perhaps they haven’t even taken online training and are only repeating old stories told to them?

And, I doubt very much you will find anyone who has taken the care that we have taken in developing such a comprehensive training for you.

NLP Training Near Me – Online Is As Close As You Can Get

Our NLP Training is as close as your phone, your laptop, or iPad. Stumble out of bed grab a coffee and log in. Heck, stay in bed, and log in if you want.

We do everything we can to make you successful by putting our NLP Training Online and in your hands – easily.

The rest is up to you.

Do This – Get Results

The world is full of people, so practicing is not really a problem, and you don’t always need others to practice on, you can use yourself in some cases too.

When I first started learning NLP over 30 years ago, I would practice some techniques in shopping malls, restaurants, and public places. And I also used many techniques with people from work and others I associated with. But then again, I was excited and motivated to learn.

I have always found it easy to get people as volunteers because everyone has something to work with.

Ultimately it’s up to you to choose, but you’ll make a better choice when you know the facts. 

So searching for an “NLP Training near me” can still be our NLP Training Online.

If you have questions I haven’t answered, please let me know, and I will do my best to help you out. We’ll give you the best NLP Training available – we even guarantee it.

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