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If you’ve heard of NLP and have only become more confused by someone trying to explain it to you, trust me, you’re not alone. But after reading this, you’ll be able to understand better what NLP is.

I’ve been teaching and working with NLP for more than 28 years, and if you ask, “What is NLP.” I will not be able to give you a satisfactory answer until I first know more about why you’re asking the question.

So let me explain why the key to giving you the right answer is all about knowing why you’re asking specifically.

NLP As A Collection Of Keys

It’s difficult to answer the “What Is It” question because NLP is a collection of key techniques and processes that help many people in many different ways.

So it’s impossible to give you a correct answer as to what NLP is without first knowing what your needs are.

One analogy I could use would be to imagine NLP as a collection of keys. Each key can unlock one door, and each door represents one unique and significant area of your life.

And once you find the right key that unlocks the one particular door, you can then enter that area and make whatever changes are necessary. Changes that can help you feel better, be happier, be healthier, perform better, think better, live better, etc.

Now, using the key analogy, what if someone asks you, “what do the keys do?” And you said, they open doors to amazing changes that can make your life absolutely fantastic.

At that point, the person asking the question may want to know, what kind of amazing changes?

And if you start explaining all the changes that are behind every door, you will overwhelm the listener. And worse, they will not connect your answer to what is most important to them. That answer lies behind a specific door to which you have the key, but which one?

So, you can see why answering a colossal question, such as “What is NLP” cannot be explained easily. There are thousands of answers, but only one will suit the person asking.

You Need The Right Key

The mistake too often made is thinking everyone is the same, has the same problems, and fix their problems with the same solution. Wrong!

Even identical twins will not benefit from the same answer for “NLP, what is it?”

You can compare people’s minds to beautiful snowflakes; no two are the same.

No two minds are the same. So when you have a problem that needs a solution there has to be a specific answer. That is your answer. Answers will be a collection of NLP techniques and processes. Those will differ from your neighbor’s or friend’s collection of NLP techniques and processes for a similar problem.

And, even if you had the same goal or need for NLP as someone else, you may not benefit from the same NLP Technique or NLP Process. Because you have a different background and different ways of processing information about your life. Your experience within your world will be different from others.

Otherwise, we’d all be wearing the same clothes, driving the same cars, living in the same style houses, and rooting for the same hockey team. You know that’s impossible.

So best you do a little searching around our site. You can start with the “What is NLP?” page.

And when you get more information gathered, then you can Contact Us for how we can help you specifically.



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