Now is the time to get an Online NLP Course

Now’s the time to get an

Online NLP Course

The soaring cost of travel won’t affect you if you’re looking for an Online NLP Course, but for many …

The rising price of oil and gas are increasing travel cost, and that’s not all it’s affecting.

More and more people are opting out of traveling for training and education these days, and looking for solid, well constructed, well supported online courses. And getting an Online NLP Course is no different.

But it’s not only the increased traveling – ticket cost – that’s chewing into your smaller and smaller budget, that’s breaking the bank. When you add hotels, restaurants, and miscellaneous cost like taxis and tips, you could be paying more than
double the cost of the training.

It use to be that added cost meant added service, but not today. Airlines are on the brink of bankruptcy, so cutting wages is a standard relief. (I won’t complain about the little bag of peanuts issued instead of meals, as long as those guys in maintenance are happy šŸ™‚

And two back to back trips last year, one to Chicago, and one to Atlanta, resulted in a combined weight gain of 10 lbs. I’m so glad I bought that heavy duty treadmill, as it’s certainly getting a pounding this year.

And thankfully the route back from the rolling hills of West Virginia, visiting an old friend, was well marked. Because with a full 10 hours of driving left, our new GPS died.

So when you say to us, “I’m so glad you created an Online NLP course,” it makes us feel good about spending that year we took to put it together.

With our Online NLP Course you”ll get the best training available. And as well you’ll be putting the thousands saved on travel back into your family account. Well, that’s just a bonus, isn’t it?

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Hi Iā€™m Bob Clarke, writer of most of these blog posts. Iā€™m also the Co-Creator, with my wife Ronda, of the Most Comprehensive NLP Training and Coaching Program Online. Our purpose is to bring NLP to you, saving you time, travel and money.

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