Right And Wrong Hypnosis Methods — And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Success

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Did you know in France in the 19th century that falling under the power of a hypnotist was a legal defense?

It was believed that a hypnotist could make someone “a toy in his hands” and that the person “could not reject the ideas of the beguiler.”

People who committed crimes under such influence could not be held legally or morally responsible for their acts.

Is This Really Possible?

While that may sound silly to those of us who know better today, there are still a lot of people who think that you lose all control under hypnosis.

You Don’t.

But if the hypnotist can not gain full control over a person, what is the purpose of learning hypnosis in our NLP Training Online?

Well, the secret lies in understanding that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. And once we show you how people unknowingly use hypnosis to hypnotize themselves, then it’s just a matter of using that knowledge to help them achieve it faster and easier.

Here’s an Example

Years ago I sold real estate, and I use to call FSBOs, that’s For Sale By Owners. They were a tough bunch and most agents were afraid of them, I ate them for breakfast.

And here’s why …

When I got an appointment with them, I always asked one essential question, “Why did you pick me?”

Of course, that totally confused them (confusion is a hypnotic state) because they didn’t pick me, and that is what they would utter in a perplexed way, “I didn’t pick you, you called me!?”

To which I would reply, “Yes, but lots of agents call you, but I’m here because you picked me to talk to out of all those other agents.” Nodding my head as I said it.

And that got them nodding their head in agreement with me because they must have picked me, why else would I be there? From there, I simply use a few more hypnotic language techniques and an excellent presentation to win the day.

Using the right Hypnosis methods can increase your success, and it’s easy when you learn how the right way.


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