Right And Wrong Thinking Methods – And A Little Pointer That Will Increase Yours

Thinking Methods

Do you have problems with your thinking methods?

Thinking methods are most often associated with ways you can improve upon problem-solving, as well as becoming more creative.

But changing your thinking methods can also be a way in which you can change how you think, so that things that would usually bother you, emotionally, would not bother you, or not bother you as much after you switched to a different method of thinking.

Most of us are bothered at some point in life by something that happened in our past.

And, when I’m doing NLP Life Coaching, I know when a client is bothered by an event in their past that it’s not the actual event that is the problem, as much as how the client thinks of that event.

Take The Ostrich Boy For Example

In 1935 when Sidi Mohamed was about five years old, he wandered away from his family in North Africa. After three days in the wild, he came upon an ostrich nest.

Timewarp forward about ten years later hunters found Sidi, and he was able to tell his story. He had been living with the birds all that time, running with them, eating grass and plants, and sleeping with them at night.

Two ostriches would even cover him with their wings while he slept!

Apparently, Sidi was able to rejoin the human race with relative success.

Do you suppose Sidi was able to change his thinking methods about his past event as an ostrich? That is what will determine how he lives his life going forward.

Thinking Methods – Dysfunctional Or Not?

If Sidi sees himself as a dysfunctional person and uses those thinking methods to hold onto the past as a negative experience, he will be right, of course, and it will negatively affect his future.

If on the other hand, he sees his past experience as a positive event and those thinking methods to increase his abilities and chances of being successful in the future, he will be right in this case as well.

And his past will be a stepping stone to a positive and successful future.

So, being an ostrich boy may hold you back, or it may give you a step forward, and it will all depend on your thinking methods.

If your thinking method needs to be adjusted, don’t be an ostrich, consider NLP Life Coaching for more success.




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