3 Simple Things You Must Do Or Risk Not Being Liked

Everyone wants to be liked.

It’s a hardwired fact, and Facebook took advantage of the fact and, like it or not, became the most liked site online.

If you want to be liked, online or off, then there are 3 simple things you must do or risk not being liked!

Why Being Liked Is So Important

Social media made us aware, but it’s not just Facebook where people are desperate to be liked, even by strangers, it’s out there in the real world too!

You need to be liked by your friends, your family and new people you meet as well. But you especially need to be liked by your boss and employer.

Why? Because your boss or employer have the ability to make your life easy or hard.

Let’s face it, everyone knows that if you’re liked by your boss and employer you get treated better, you make more money and you get promotion opportunities that others never know existed. That is, until after they are filled by the chosen one, the one they liked.

I’ve even witnessed it in government situations where everything is supposed to be open and processed through the right channels. It still comes down to the person the office manager likes best mysteriously passing the test and being selected.

How It Works

It’s actually a simple process behind being liked. You must resonate with people.

What do I mean by resonating? Well, let me put it in a musical explanation, and don’t worry, I’m not about to start singing …

Have you heard of the experiment where you have a room full of guitars, or some other stringed instrument, and if you pluck a string on one guitar, then a similar string on all the other guitars in the room start to vibrate in harmony?

That’s called Sympathetic Resonance -. It’s when the strings resonate with each other and the largest response comes from the maximum likeness.

OK, did you get that? The Largest Response Comes From The Maximum Likeness!

Liked Guitar 3


3 Things To Be Liked

So now that you know how it works there are 3 things you must do to be liked.

The 1st of the 3 are in the words you use. Now, I’m not talking about the non-use of certain 4 letter words, although that would be helpful, I’m talking about the words that resonate at a deep subconscious level with others.

Just like certain musical instrument strings “harmonizing” with certain other strings, the words you use may or may not resonate subconsciously with the person you’re communicating with.

And if your words don’t resonate with them, then you just got tuned out.

The 2nd thing has to do with sound. Like the experiment I mentioned above, you must resonate with others. You must sound as they sound. As an opposite example, just think of the most annoying person you ever had to talk to. What was it about their voice that sounded different than yours?

And yes, there is a tone to written words too. Take for example 100 books on the same subject, one of those books will resonate more with you because you’re tuned in to how the author “speaks” to you differently than all the rest.

The 3rd thing you must do is pay attention to is body language. Yeah, it’s the same stuff the poker players are always trying to hide with sunglasses, jackets, and hoods. But they can’t hide it because the subconscious mind sees things the conscious mind doesn’t.

Sometimes when people don’t like you they don’t even know why they don’t like you. Have you ever met someone like that? You just didn’t like them but didn’t know why? Body Language!

Your subconscious was telling you why – did you pay attention?

How To Win Friends And Get Liked

And as you might have heard, our NLP Training Online is world-famous for having more ways to get people to like you than all other systems combined (mostly because the other systems are using individual pieces of NLP).

So in my next post ,I will go into more details on the 3 things where you can discover what systems you subconsciously use so you can harmonize with others and be instantly liked.

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