Rules You Must Use In Life To Be Successful

There are certain rules and laws in life that you must use daily to guarantee your success.

Most people do not know of these rules and laws. And many others tend to ignore them, and then complain about how unfair life has treated them.

One of the most important laws, if not THE most important law in my mind is Dr. Milton Erickson’s “Law of Expectation”.

I have seen many people fail over and over simply because they did not know about this law. I’ve also told many of it and watched as they shrugged it off as just something to know but not bother using.

Follow The Rules First!

You may be one of the many who do not know about Erickson’s “Law of Expectation” so my first job is to make sure you know about it, which I’ve now done.

My next job is to explain it to you so you can start to take advantage of it and become more successful in your life.

Click the link below to learn all about it:

How To Understand The Law Of Expectation – Another Erickson Trance?

Your job is to understand Erickson’s “Law of Expectation”, now that you know about it, and to take advantage of it.

Use It – It Works!

And don’t be fooled by its simplicity!

I see so many people who are only interested in “The Big Techniques” of NLP that they completely miss the super importance and basic understanding of human nature.

Whenever I hear anyone comment (and I hear it too often) “oh, that’s just a basic technique”, or they say “that’s only a beginner technique” I know immediately that they will not attain the success using NLP that they are seeking.

Unless they change their thinking and understanding of course.

Every technique and process in NLP is important and can be used better than any other technique somewhere, with someone, at least at one point in time. That’s why there are so many techniques.

People are different, time changes things and everyone’s situation is also different.

And if you don’t understand this very important concept then you will join the ranks of people who become even more disillusioned and unsuccessful in life.

Learn about the rules and use all the NLP tools at your disposal.

And to help you start using Erickson’s Law of Expectation I’m giving you three good ones below:

  1. Expect Good Things To Happen
  2. Expect To Conquer Your Problems When They Happen
  3. Expect To Be Successful In Whatever You Are Trying To Achieve

Start every morning thinking this way:

  • What Good Thing Is Going To Happen To Me Today?
  • No Matter What Problems Arise I Will Find A Way To Overcome Them.
  • See Yourself Being Successful (do a success rehearsal)
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