What Self-Esteem Builder Makes You Look Good And Last Longest?

You may not think of communication skills as a self-esteem builder, but they are, as a matter of fact, the lack of communication skills are a career buster.

But what are communications skills and why do they affect your self-esteem?

First, let’s start with some ordinary everyday psychology which is understood as – everyone wants to be liked and accepted. That’s straight from the middle of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Love/belonging.

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs

Now imagine yourself standing in front of a group of people you work with every day, including the person in charge of your paycheck.

And you’re making an important presentation such as:

  • Critical to the growth of the company
  • Delivering policy changes that you know won’t be well accepted by staff
  • A career make or break performance for a higher position
  • Honoring the owner of the company for her significant achievements

After making the presentation with your existing communication skills would you have a feeling of love and belonging? Or would you feel like running for the door even before you got started?

What If It Was Your Kid?

What if it was your child going for their first job out of college? Yeah, the college that almost put you in the poor house to make sure they would have a more successful start than you did?

They don’t teach good communication skills in college. So unless you gave them expert tutelage yourself, there’s a snowball’s chance in a hot place that they’re going to stand out from the thousands of others applying for the one and only position.

How much did that college education cost you?

Communication skills, also known as soft skills, top the smart companies list when hiring as shown by a Millennial Branding and Experience Inc. study.

Work Skills Self-Esteem

Communications Skills Self-Esteem Builder

Best Instant Self-Esteem Builder

I haven’t always had good self-esteem but after years of learning NLP and becoming an NLP Trainer things changed. I have no problem talking to anyone, and if you’re within 6 feet of me, you’ll know that.

I’ve also given many presentations on stage and in front of large groups of people such as the Canadian Association of NLP in Montreal Canada in 2008.

But I had terrible writing skills and avoided any written presentation. Even the flip charts gave me sweaty palms.

You see I started life as a high school dropout and remember the pain of being criticized for how I wrote. It was especially painful when friends and my older brother slammed me.

Of course, I make part of my living now by writing, but I have a secret weapon called Grammarly. It not only makes me look good but I’m encouraged to write more because I don’t have a fear of people criticizing me (Take that big brother:).

And another plus of using Grammarly is that I learn to correct my written communication just from using it automatically. So I’m not solely dependent on it. That feels good because when you know you’re good at something it makes you like doing it more, and people can feel that.

So if you want to look good and avoid criticism then check out Grammarly. It’s not a crutch it’s a learning tool.

Seriously, you’ll love it and so will your readers.

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