Is There a Single Formula That Builds Irresistible Success?

irresistible success

That’s the first sentence in a great book I found when Ronda and I were out day tripping.

We were in a small Ontario town called Petrolia when I spotted this book in a used book store. It’s one of my favorite pastimes, well, I guess two of my favorite pastimes — day-tripping with Ronda and checking out book stores. I love books. Real books.

But as powerful as that first sentence was it’s nothing compared to the first paragraph in the first chapter here …

Know Your Own Mind – Live Your Own Life

You have a great potential for success, but first, you must know your own mind and live your own life – then you will find and enjoy that mighty potential. Become acquainted with your inner self, and you can win what you want within a time limit of your own choosing. Certain special techniques help you win the goals of your dearest dreams, and every one of these techniques is easily within your power.

Somewhere along the path of life, every successful person finds out how to live their own life as they wish to live it.

The younger you are when you discover this mighty power, the more likely you are to live successfully and happily. Yet even in later years, many make the great change – from letting others make them what they are, to making sure that they make their lives to their own liking.

The author is Napoleon Hill,  one of my favorite authors of all time. This title is from his book “Grow Rich With Peace of Mind.”

I was 21 when I discovered Napoleon Hill, I was 35 when I discovered NLP, and the – Single Formula That Builds Irresistible Success – Which includes day-tripping with Ronda and finding precious books.

So if you’re looking for a good old book, grab anything by Napoleon Hill.

If you’re looking for the “Single Formula That Builds Irresistible Success,” grab our NLP Training Online!


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