The Secret To A Pretty Happy Busy Life

Pretty Happy Busy

Pretty happy busy may sound like an odd mixture but actually, the two things, happy and busy, go together quite well.

Too often people depict happiness with doing nothing, just the opposite of being busy. But doing nothing actually goes against our inner nature.

People like to be busy.

As a matter of fact, almost everything designed in the last 70 years has been designed around people and their busy lives.

We may complain at times because we are too busy, but there aren’t too many of us that will actually stop being busy and go to live on a deserted island.

Yup, we’re pretty happy busy people.

What happens when we’re not busy?

Well, let me just ask you how you would feel being unemployed, and not just for a little while, but permanently. How would you feel if you could not get a job – any job?

Wouldn’t you rather be pretty happy busy?

But what about people who don’t work outside the home? What about those people who have 24-hour jobs … known as parents?

What if you’re a mom and you suddenly become unemployed? Oh, I don’t mean you stop being a parent, but when your last child leaves home, you are functionally unemployed.

This is known as the empty nest syndrome.

Wouldn’t you rather be pretty happy busy being a mom again at that moment?

Pretty Happy Busy Beats Depression!

People get depressed, it’s a fact of life. But there are different stages of depression, and most people don’t often hit the lows of deep depression.

And a good thing to know is the fact that if you’re pretty happy busy then you don’t have a chance of ever getting depressed.

Screw the drugs and drug companies, just get busy. Keep active. Join groups, try new things.

Dr. Milton Erickson stated that if you wanted to live a long life, then you must have a reason to get up every morning.

My mom was a pretty happy busy person who lived a long life and would have had to live another 10 years just to finish all her projects. So I totally believe you have to be busy to be happy.

You’re Living Longer – So Now What?

The good news is that people are living longer, the bad news is you may not know what to do with your extra time.

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