Train Your Brain To Sleep And Rejuvenate Your Body For A Healthier You!

When working with people, with any issue, I always start with the same question. And that question is, “What is going on in your life that is preventing you from X?” So if you were having trouble sleeping, “What is going on in your life that is preventing you from having a good night’s sleep?”

Each individual is unique, and there is no one size fits all magical formula to cure the problem of insomnia. For some people, it is lifestyle issues while for others it may be psychological or medical in nature.

Regardless of the reason, continuous sleepless nights are a clear sign that something in your life needs to change.

It is important first to check out any medical reasons that could be causing your problem of sleepless nights.

Treat The Cause Not The Symptom

When the problem is not medical, my approach is to treat ‘the cause’ rather than ‘the symptom.’

For example, if you are worried about something, obsessing about someone who hurt you or replaying your day over and over again in your mind, these behaviors keep you awake and would be considered ‘the cause.’

Taking a sleeping pill would be treating ‘the symptom’ although sometimes necessary to give you relief in the short term. If you are interested in a long-term solution, then it would be beneficial to address the issues in your life that cause you to stay awake at night.

Addressing the issues will quiet your mind, and it is much easier to train your brain to sleep with a quiet mind.

Lifestyle Changes Improves Sleep

For many people what they do two hours before going to bed will keep them awake or prevent them from having a good night sleep.

Stop eating at least two hours before bed. Eating to close to your bedtime will interrupt the quality of your sleep (and add to weight gain!)

Sleep is time for your body to rejuvenate. If your body is having to work to digest your food, then that reduces the quality of your sleep.

And besides the time you eat, it may be what you are eating as well. If it is beyond your control that you must eat before bed, make sure the food you eat is easy to digest.

Set Your Intention

If sleep has been a challenge for you for some time, you are already expecting to not sleep before going to bed or just as you get into bed.

Because you are expecting not to be able to sleep, then you are using the “Law of Expectation” in a negative way. You are actually commanding yourself not to sleep by expecting not being able to sleep.

Setting your intention will help you retrain your brain to go to sleep easier. Your unconscious or subconscious mind is like the crew on a ship and needs direction from the captain. You are the captain, and when you set your intention of having a good night sleep, you are training your brain to fall asleep easier.

Getting help to overcome whatever is causing your sleepless nights is worth the time and effort.  Because a healthy sleep pattern will not only rejuvenate your body, it will create balance and improves the quality of your life.



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