Trance State – Do You Have A
Hidden Life?

It’s early Monday morning, and I’m sitting in my large pine armchair drinking my first cup of coffee staring straight ahead at the large sheer covered window.

I’m in that “just woke up” trance state. Do you know the one?

It’s when you sometimes find yourself in the middle of the kitchen looking around, wondering what you’re doing here. Then, slowly remembering you came out to get a cup of coffee.

Whereat any other time you would simply go into the kitchen get your cup and pour your coffee. You could be having a conversation with someone at the same time, and it wouldn’t slow you down one bit.

I like to start my mornings with a good long think when things are quiet after I’ve fed the cats and given them their first back scratch of the day of course.

My dad used to like going for early morning walks before the rest of us got up. I never understood or thought about it much when I was a kid. Except for the day he never made it back.

Trance State – How It Works

This morning, as I stared straight into the window sheers I thought, that’s very much how our minds work at times.

Beyond the curtains or sheers is a clear and beautiful world full of ideas and everything possible; The Potential … Your Potential.

But, from where you sit at this moment in time, before your “awakened’, all you see is what’s directly in front of you.

You Must See Through Your Trance State

Your focus is on the curtain or sheers.

And perhaps you can see some faint shapes of hidden promises that may lie beyond, un-open to you … but maybe not.

If you do see some faint shapes, then you will have hope and desire.

If you don’t see anything beyond, then you can’t have hope or desire.

That’s the state of “what’s the use …”

That’s it, I thought, quickly putting down my coffee and jumping up to open the sheers. That’s what I came in here for…to stare out the window.

As I said, it’s early Monday morning …

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