Two Important NLP Lessons You Can Learn From People You Meet

I’m not saying there are just two important NLP Lessons to read here, and if you’re an astute NLPer you’ll be able to pick up at least two as you read, I have just singled out the two I find most important for today.

Since moving to Southern Ontario, a few years ago, Ronda and I have discovered ‘Day Tripping’. There are so many towns, cities and communities to explore, and so many interesting people with amazing stories to tell. It’s a very cool combination of Treasure Hunting and NLP Lessons Extraordinaire; you just never know what or who you will find out there.

Road Trip!

Shortly after lunch, Ronda said, let’s jump in the car and take off. Where to I asked, Strathroy she said, OK let’s go.

We gave our kitties, Yodie and Laylee, a little extra food, jumped in the car and headed for Strathroy. We usually take them with us if we are going overnight, but for short runs, they prefer to stay home.

It was the perfect sunny day for a day trip, certainly not suitable for work, and if you work to live you may not have the freedom we designed into our NLP Training and Coaching business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create that lifestyle for yourself, because t’s easier than you may think.

It took us about 40 minutes from the time we left to the time we parked on Front Street downtown Strathroy. The population is about 20,000 and it’s a very pretty little town so we hit the street and did a quick run around to decide what to visit first.

One of the treasures we’ve found there was a shoe store that caters to our different foot sizes. Ronda has a tiny foot and I have a very wide foot – actually we have two feet each, it sounded like we only had one foot so I wanted to make sure you knew we had two feet each – moving on …

A Real Old Fashion Blacksmith Shop

While Ronda was trying out some shoes I decided to go back to a blacksmith shop I saw on the first go round. I grew up in the very rural Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and my dad had taken me to the blacksmith with him when the horses needed to be shod.


The doors were wide open and I yelled to the person inside asking if it was OK to come in, he said yes and the conversation began. Amazing to see the hearth still in working order although not used lately. I took a ton of pictures with my iPhone of the anvil, old plank floors and horseshoes amongst other things, all the while chatting it up with the owner.

And get this, his wife was originally from New Brunswick, the Province Nova Scotia is attached to keeping it from being an island, she is a fellow Maritimer, they’re everywhere!

Milton’s Bakery – What?

On the way back to meet up with Ronda, I noticed a fellow in a long white apron opening the old fashion awning over the front of his store. Then I suddenly focused past this interesting procedure and noticed the cookies in the window. A Bakery! Remember what I said about finding treasure, this was what I was talking about. I followed the apron gent inside to get the “dough” on his shop.

Luckily the Bakery was next to the shoe store where I left Ronda, so I went next door to tell her to take her time. Guys, always be considerate of your wives. Back in the bakery, I started picking up a few tasty treats like date rolls and a loaf of double raisin bread along with a few pastries. Baked goodies are my soft spot, literally.

Milton's Bakery(I didn’t check out the bakery’s name until I got home, the goodies box had a stamp on it that said “Milton’s Bakery” so I used that to try and convince Ronda they were special and good for me, well, they did have me in trance for sure. But, when I Google walked the street to make sure, the sign actually read “Hamilton’s Bakery”- it’s true, you see what you want to see.)

After paying for my tasty treats I met back up with Ronda and we continued on to the …

TOTALLY Amazing Bike Store

More BikesI had seen what appeared to be a little bike shop on our first trip around the town and mentioned to Ronda that we should check it out, perhaps ask the owner some questions about buying the right bikes for us as we have been considering getting bikes as a change up from our daily walks, and also to take with us when day tripping. So, in we went, totally unprepared for what lay in store for us …
The owners, Doug and Marion, were not only super helpful they were almost psychic in their ability to know what we were looking for, it was like … NLP magic. It seemed like Doug had known me forever and read my stance and knew my bike needs better than I did. After a short talk, he delivered, with full reasoning, exactly what I was looking for.

But wait, there was more! Really, there was, a lot more …

But wait, there was more! Really, there was, a lot more …

What appeared from the sidewalk looking in was a small bike shop, upon entering it became a small bike shop packed with bikes and everything connected to bikes. After testing a bike and chatting it up a bit with Doug and Marion of Doug and Marion’s Bike Sales and Repairs we got a full tour of they multi building, multi floor bike shop extraordinaire.

I have never seen so many bikes of so many different shapes and sizes in my life. There were bikes for every age, ever size and every type of bike rider. And, of course, all were of excellent to super high quality. If they didn’t have the bike you were looking for, I’m sure it doesn’t exist – yet – because I think they could build it for you.

build2After seeing hundreds of bikes and being told there were even more I started to wonder, where do the buyers for all these bikes come from? I remembered seeing the “Population 20,000” sign on the drive in, surely that wouldn’t support a store of this magnitude.

So I asked Doug where does his clientele come from, already expecting the answer to be London, population 355,000, just 20 minutes down the 402. But Doug surprised me with his answer, practically all over the world he said!

Doug and Marion, bike shop owners in small town Ontario have such an excellent reputation for the bikes they build and sell that people from all over the world buy their bikes. I find that incredible and an absolute treasure to stumble onto. bikes5

Doug said he orders bikes by the truckload and has thousands at a time. And while in the store I saw other examples of this psychic bike expert at work, as well as the honest concern they had for their customer’s well being.

Doug and Marion were even offering FREE helmets to people just to keep them safe. Apparently, it’s not the law here in Ontario to wear a bike helmet like it is back in Nova Scotia. It reminded me of my sister’s nephew who had an everyday type of bike accident and was paralyzed for life. Please … take Doug and Marion’s advice and wear a helmet!

Ronda and I now know exactly what type of bikes we need to get for our riding style, but better that that, we absolutely know that we will be well taken care of when we go back to buy them at Doug and Marion’s Bike Sales and Repairs in Strathroy


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