Strategy – If You Want Your Motivation To Last Longer Than A Hangover This New Years


If you are one of the few who still set New Year’s Resolutions, good for you because what I have to say about strategy will help you be even more successful.

For the rest of you, you might as well stop reading right now, because you’re not really into any type of self success anyway. And what I’ve got to say will only give you more reason to moan and complain, because YOU can’t be bothered trying.

I get so tired of hearing slackers who have no ambition or care even to try and improve themselves, and then turn around and blame the resolution for not working.

“Resolutions don’t work,” they say as if it’s an automatic thing that will happen just by proclamation.

Probably the same people who leave the empty grocery cart in the parking lot, too lazy to walk it over to the buggy corral.

OK, got that off my chest, let’s move on …

The Secret Sauce Is The Strategy

First, I want to bring your attention to the most important thing to know about being successful at anything. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, meet the right person, build a career or an empire. It’s all about the strategy you use.

We explain all about strategies in the NLP Training Online, which, by the way, you should have very high on your list TO DO this year if you want to be successful.

And second, you have the same chance of winning the lottery as you do, thinking that someone else’s strategy will work for you without adjustment even if it’s your identical twin’s.

And so, the main reason for your failure in anything you attempt will be because you used the wrong strategy. Or you used someone else’s, and it needed adjusting before being successful for you.

Proof – Strategy Works

There is a strategy in every type of sports, golf, football, curling and hockey. There is a strategy in all games, card games, boardgames and internet games. There’s dancing strategies, horse jumping strategies and dog training strategies.

You have a strategy for when you go to the mall shopping with your partner. You arrange to meet at a certain time and place before mapping out you route, don’t you?

You literally have a strategy for everything you do. You have both unconscious and conscious strategies, including one for going to the bathroom.

To be more successful, all you must do is create better strategies. And you create better strategies by: 1) discovering a few, some unconscious, things about yourself, and 2) knowing what and how you can adjust in a good strategies to make it work better for you.

Oh, and if any of you slackers are still reading, you have a strategy too, it’s called the hope and pray strategy. You sit around and hope and pray something good is going to happen to you. Good luck with that.

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