What is NPL? The Biggest Secret Ever Kept From You!

What is NPL? It’s what some people call NLP because they are not familiar with the term NLP and simply mix up the letters to read as NPL.

And because our minds work in mysterious ways (which we explain thoroughly in our NLP Training Online), we are still able to function as if we said or spelled it correctly.

So, the really short answer to what is NPL is that it’s just a misspelling of NLP.

And no worries, I’ll give you the long answer below, but before I do let me show you another way you will see NLP spelled.

In French, NLP translates to PNL – Programming Neuro Linguistic. The French language puts the descriptive words after verbs or nouns.  For example: in English, we write NLP is a life-changing and inspiring training (life-changing and inspiring describes the training).

In French, they would write PNL est une formation changeante et de inspiration de la vie or something like that. As you can see whether you read French or not, the description of the training comes after not before.

Rather than worry about it being NPL or NLP or PNL let me spell out the meaning of each letter and then you can decide which order you like best. After all, one of NLP’s presupposition is to respect each person’s model of the world.

What is NPL – A Rose By Any Other Name

N – stands for Neuro. Neuro is the mind and nervous system

L – stands for Linguistic. Linguistic is the language we use to program our mind.

P – stands for Programming. Programming our mind to optimum efficiency and our well-being.

Whether you use your mind (Neuro) to (Program) your Language (Linguistic) or you use your mind (Neuro) to Program (Programming) your Language (Linguistic) you are still using the processing taught within our NLP Training Online to enhance your life, overcome challenges, break through barriers to your success and/or help others do the same.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about you learning to take control of how you think and how you behave so that you can create the most wonderful life that you can possibly have. And if you help others with it, even better.

Why Haven’t I Heard Of NLP Before?

If NLP, NPL, PNL has been around since the early 70s, then why do people not know the order of the letters you might ask? Well, originally it was referred to by its full name, Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Then, as people tend to do, they shortened it to NLP, and many people don’t even know what it stands for anymore.

You might also be asking, why are you just learning about it now if it’s been around for so long?

Well, there is no definite answer without talking to you personally, but I’ll give you my read on it.

Have heard the old saying (usually and wrongly attributed to Buddha) “When the student is ready the teacher will appear?” Well, you are the student who is now ready, and NLP has appeared for you.

We also explain this better in our NLP Training Online. Using what is commonly referred to as the law of attraction but more accurately within the field of Quantum Physics (don’t worry, we keep it simple and understandable:).

Those of us who “find” NLP are looking for something to help overcome a stubborn problem that gives us emotional pain or stress. And then once free of that problem we use NLP to help us create a better life.

Finding Accurate Information About NLP

It’s not always easy to find accurate information on the internet. And many people hide behind false credentials and badly disguised sales pitches. Everyone who claims to be a Dr. or Certified Trainer isn’t.

There are some excellent books usually found under psychology, self-help or new age titles. My favorite NLP book is Introducing NLP – Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People. It has a green cover and was written by Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour.

And of course, the website which you are on now is full of helpful post and pages.

So, NPL, PNL or NLP – When You Are Ready

So, if yesterday you were clever and you wanted to change the world, and today you are wise, and you want to change yourself, then it doesn’t matter if you ask what NPL, PNL or NLP is. What is important is that it can help you when you are ready.

As we like to say…either way is best!


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