When The Voices in Your Head Haunt You

Voices In Your Head

Some people claim to hear voices inside their heads. Many others convey that such individuals are crazy, as it isn’t considered normal. However, it can happen more often than you realize, and in many different ways.

Psychologist George Miller, one of the founders of cognitive psychology and of cognitive neuroscience, stated back in 1956 that hearing voices in your head is normal. Reading this is probably a relief to know, but what can you do when those voices haunt you?

Since you now know that hearing voices are normal, what is the difference between the two types of voices you hear in your head?

When Voices In Your Head Are Yours

The voice you hear most often is your own voice. It’s called self-talk. Self-talk is a discussion you have with yourself, often inside your head without the actual words coming out of your mouth. As long as the self-talk is positive, this self-talk isn’t a problem.

When the voice turns nasty and is always pointing out everything you did wrong or that it will go wrong…it becomes defeating to the spirit and makes feeling good about your daily activities near impossible.

This type of self-talk drains your energy and zaps your motivation making it difficult to achieve even the simplest of tasks. Negative or worrisome self-talk is also the leading cause of sleepless nights.

When Voices In Your Head Are Another Person’s

But what about when voices in your head are another person’s?

What do I mean by another person’s voice inside your head? Well, this too is normal. As a human being, you not only hear your own self-talk, you also hear conversations from the past that others had. For example: If the voice in your head is one of your parents or teachers telling you that you will never achieve anything, this can be very debilitating.

Now that we determine the two types of voices, one being your own and the other from another person, let’s discuss what to do to change the negative voices from haunting you forever and keeping you for a good night sleep.

Voices In Your Head Take Your Power Away

Negative voices, whether your own or someone else’s, can be overpowering and keeping you from having a happy healthy life. Usually, these voices come from significant experiences in your life when someone hurt you with their words.

These voices haunt you by replaying – like the proverbial broken record – over and over again in your mind.

And because often we are much younger when this happens, we take these comments as being the truth about who we are, and what we are capable of. Even if it is your own voice you hear, it often comes from someone else initially.

Isn’t it time to shatter the power these words have over you?

Changing Your Reactions To The Same Words

You may not realize, but you can change your reactions to what others say to you and regain Your Power in a few easy steps.

Many people have never experienced changing the voices they have in their head, and don’t know it can be done.  And just like anything we learn…the first time is always a new discovery.

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