Why It’s Important To Learn About NLP Eye Movement Cues

“NLP Eye Movement Cues do not work, and that’s why I don’t use them.”

It was a bold statement to make I thought to myself. Who is this guy, and what does he know that I don’t?

We were at the Brunswick Hotel in Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There were NLPers gathered here from all over the world with one focus of attention.

And that was to get trained and certified as an NLP Trainer.

We had traveled to Lancaster many times over the prior 5 years, taking NLP Trainings, Hypnosis Trainings, and other related training. And then assisting on these trainings to gain a thorough knowledge of our field with this one end goal in mind.

We had spent over $65,000 on training, travel, lodging, and food.

So who was this guy, who was now trying to tell me that NLP Eye Movement Cues, a pillar in the NLP process, doesn’t work?

Eye accessing was a process I worked with extensively since first learning about it in 1990.

It was something I worked with successfully and helped others to understand. And I truly believed in it because it worked.

What Convinced Me

My first convincer happened while helping my daughter overcome a problem she was having in school at the time.

She was a lousy speller, and her grades were suffering, and so was her confidence.

We all know what it’s like to be pointed out by the teacher in school. Being ridiculed in front of our classmates, taunted because we didn’t measure up.

Some kids shut down, others rebel. Not many success stories start with, “well, my success in life started after I was ridiculed by my teachers in grade school.”

Well, that wasn’t going to happen with my girl.

I had just read something about NLP Eye Movement Cues using NLP. So I thought, why not try using this new process to help my daughter learn to spell better and build her confidence.

A Chance Worth Taking

I had nothing to lose, and she had lots to gain.

So we went through the process together, and it worked like a charm. I was happy, she was happy, and the world was a good place again.

Over the years, I became better and better with using NLP Eye Movement Cues and was able to help many people directly and indirectly.

Because, as a bonus, I could show others how to use it with their kids. So many parents could now have control of their kid’s learning and help in a way they couldn’t before.

It reminded me of the Starfish Story.

So, who was this guy at NLP Trainer’s Training, that I was about to whack upside the head, saying that NLP Eye Movement Cues didn’t work?

Wrong About NLP Eye Movement

Well, luckily the trainer nipped this one in the bud quickly. He asked a few questions, got this guy to demonstrate how it failed and promptly pointed out what the would-be trainer was doing wrong that didn’t allow him to have success with a well-proven successful process.

There was no failure that day in Lancaster, only feedback.

Was the guy surprised by this discovery? You better believe he was.

Are there a lot more people in the world benefiting from the NLP Eye Movement Cue’s process? I would guarantee it!

And More Than That!

NLP Eye Movement Cues are not just about knowing whether a person sees pictures or hears sounds, even though you can use it for that.

And NLP Eye Movement Cues are not just for being able to tell if someone is lying, although it can be used for that too.
You can use NLP Eye Movement Cues for much more than that.

My favorite use of eye movement cues is to find and correct strategies you need for becoming more successful.

Strategies that somehow were never correctly developed from childhood, and therefore causing a lifetime of pain and setbacks.

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