Why Learning NLP Through Experience Is Better Than Learning Through Memorization – Like In School

Learning NLP

School is big on memorization with very little real experience, and so most people approach NLP habitually like they would school work, and try to memorize the information.

And if you take time to notice, most learning systems use that same dysfunctional system that hasn’t worked for the past 100 years.

Don’t Do That

That’s the totally wrong approach, so don’t do that. NLP Training is all about the experience and that’s why it stays with you forever.

As an example let me tell you about a very early school experience I had that will stick with me forever. I have no idea what the lesson was that was being taught, but the experience is still as vivid as the day it happened.

Now, I’m not 25, and I’m not 125 but I did start school a long time ago in a very rural area, so the era I grew up in may seem a little foreign to you. Just follow me.

The small rural area I grew up in had one school, and that school had 2 rooms. Within those two rooms grade primary (kindergarten) to grade 12 were taught. In the room I was in grades primary to grade 6 were taught.

The year I started school was in 1960. And best I can recall this event would have happened the following year in grade one.

Facebook? Twitter? We Didn’t Even Have A Xerox!

The Xerox copier machine had been invented, but I guarantee no two-room school anywhere in North America would have had one.

And I doubt many people even knew they existed because there was no Twitter or Facebook to blast information out around the world instantly as there is now.

So, back in our two-room schoolhouse in rural Nova Scotia Canada, the teacher showed up one day with a magic instrument. Well, it was magic to me as I had never seen anything so neat (yeah, neat was a word we used to use at one time that meant cool).

Here’s what the teacher had; a rectangular pan with clear gelatin or jelly in it (yup, just like the wiggly stuff in a bowl that you eat), a roller and a small stack of paper.

The teacher had used some type of crayon-like instrument to write some puzzles (perhaps math? so much for that learning;) on the gelatin. She had then laid a piece of blank paper on the gelatin, and then used the roller and rolled it over the top of the paper. Back and forth a few times.

Learning NLP Is About Experience – That’s Magic

When the teacher picked the paper up off the gelatin it had magically copied the colored puzzles from the gelatin to the paper. She repeated this magical process over and over until each kid in the room got one of the pieces of “copied” puzzle paper.

As mention, the lesson on the paper was long forgotten, because the educational system teaches by memorization, and you can see how well that worked.

But the Experience of seeing gelatin, crayon, and paper in a new and magical way … That has lasted a lifetime.

So, forget about old school learning when taking our NLP Training Online. Our NLP is taught through experience. You will experience the magic just by watching the NLP Training Online, and it can stay with you forever.

BONUS: There’s no test either!

Go ahead and try it now, you’ll see what I mean.

If you have questions or learning experiences to share, just pop them into the comments box below.


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