NLP Life Coaching: And The – Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself – Connection

Have you ever tried to tickle yourself? If you have, then you know that tickling yourself doesn’t work. Why even the famous Tickle Me Elmo kids toy had to be “tickled” by someone else.

And the same goes for when you try to coach yourself to change a behavior or habit you don’t want.

It doesn’t work!

You have to be coached by someone else.

So if you have ever wondered why you couldn’t tickle yourself or why you can’t coach yourself, let me explain.

You can’t tickle yourself because your brain is expecting your attempts at self-tickling. When your mind knows you’re going to tickle yourself, it goes on guard and defends against the tickle so that it won’t work.

When someone else tickles you, however, the contact is unexpected, and the sudden shock of being tickled contributes to the effect.

NLP Life Coaching, like the effects of tickling, can be instant and extreme – unlike tickling the benefits of NLP Life Coaching can last a lifetime!

A similar process happens when you try to coach yourself to change a behavior or habit. Your brain knows what’s coming and goes on the defense to prevent you from succeeding.

And what makes it even harder with your behaviors and habits is the fact that they have become entrenched in your neurology. They act like deep ruts in a dirt road, making it impossible to go in any other direction.

And if you have ever tried to break a difficult habit or habitual behavior then you know exactly what I mean.

But that doesn’t mean habits and behaviors can’t be changed. With the expert help from a good NLP Life Coach, anything is possible.

In Desperate Need Of Tickling?

If you are in desperate need of tickling and don’t have family or friends that will help, don’t despair. In 1998 British scientists developed a tickling robot that actually works.


Well, apparently it’s because they built in a short delay between the command to tickle and the actual tickle from the robot. That way your brain can still be surprised by it.

NLP Life Coaching Robots?

Fortunately for coaches scientist haven’t created a coaching robot yet, and I don’t think you will see a working coaching robot on the market anytime soon.

But no worries there either because you can still call Life Potential Developments for coaching help or one of our students.

So, whether you need a good tickle or behavioral change don’t waste time trying to do it yourself, because you know it won’t work.

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