WillPower! This Almost Magical Force That Almost Never Works – Here’s Why

Have you been told from an early age that willpower is all you need to get anything done?

Willpower will make you successful, keep you slim, stop you from smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and it’s the cure-all for everything.

You can accomplish everything you want in life by merely using willpower. Everyone will tell you that. As a matter of fact everyone probably already has. So much so that you have successfully anchored it in as a belief.

Willpower – BS?

My mac dictionary says willpower is, “control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one’s own impulses: a stupendous effort of will.

Notice that last part? A stupendous effort of will.

Yeah, and the same dictionary’s meaning for “stupendous” is extremely impressive.

So, accomplishing anything through sheer willpower, therefore shocking the hell out of everyone, will be extremely impressive!

A second meaning from the same dictionary is closer to reality, “ a deliberate or fixed desire or intention.” See, no mention of any real action or accomplishment, just the desire or intention.

And that’s why most people end up feeling like failures because they couldn’t accomplish anything using this almost magical force that almost never works.

Willpower – Superpower?

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being able to accomplish anything with straight willpower.

And there is a strange similarity between these two!

Believe it or not, some people actually believe being struck by lightning will give you superpowers, just like some people believe that using willpower will give you superpowers.

Well, if that’s you, I’ve got news for you sunshine, the only similarity is they both end up doing more damage than good – and the harmful effects last a long time. We call it Anchoring in NLP.

And there lies the real key to your success. Because you can have “negative” anchors that are preventing you from accomplishing things and you need to develop positive ones to become successful.

So, you can waste your time and build lots of negative feeling anchors using willpower, or you can reap the benefits of positive NLP Anchors, crushing negative feeling, and bask in success like you see others do: your life, your choice.



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