Get Win-Win Influence – Because Everyone Lives By Selling Something

"We influence people every day" says Roger Ellerton in his new book, "Win-Win Influence".

And he's not just talking about salespeople. You need influencing skills at home with family, at work, and with almost everyone you communicate with in your daily life.

Roger's book is not about slick language and taking advantage of people, but it is about gaining respect and respecting others through what we know in NLP as presuppositions. Roger focuses on seven mainly in his book "Win-Win Influence".

Ever felt like you didn't have the right to ask for something and therefore lost out? If so, then you really need to read Rogers "Win-Win Influence".

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Win Win Influence


Whether you are a parent, son/daughter, friend, employee, manager or salesperson, you are constantly influencing others to accept you, your ideas, products or services. Those who masterfully present themselves and their ideas in a win-win manner, get ahead. Those who do not, may reap short-term gains and eventually fail in their objective.

Simply having a chat over coffee with a new friend is an influence opportunity that provides both of you with the chance to assess if there is an opening for future interactions. Many of us are fearful influencing opportunities. Perhaps this is because we do no want others to see us as overly demanding, interfering or needy or we worry about being led astray by salespeople, family members or well-intentioned friends. As a result, we often shy away from fully presenting our needs or fully exploring the needs of others.

This book is designed to teach you how to present your needs and have them satisfied while helping others get their needs met. In most cases, this requires compromise. However it is compromise without giving away what is important to you or pushing others into unnecessary comers. In some cases, it means that both parties will agree to disagree. If done in a respectful manner, it encourages future discussions with the potential of reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement on the current matter or some other subject.

Influence is a process - a series of steps with flexibility at each step to take into account the current content and needs of everyone involved. Chapters 3 through 7 document the flow and the actions that are appropriate at each step.


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