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Are You Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Or Auditory Digital?

Each of us has a preferred representational system (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or digital (auditory digital) – often referred to as VAK) – for more information on the NLP visual, auditory, kinesthetic and digital representational systems, please see the article Modalities and Representational Systems .

There are several ways to determine which system we prefer. This VAK Test quiz presents a preference assessment to help you determine your preferred system. The assessment is not fully definitive as there are only 12 test questions, and your preferred representational system may change over time or in different contexts.


Please select one of the four answers following each statement:

If you have trouble deciding between two phrases, go with the first thought that comes to mind.

Generally, one representational system is not better than another, and you may wish to get curious and explore how this affects your life experiences.

Have fun with this VAK Test quiz. I hope it provides you with additional insight into how you prefer to communicate with others.

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