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Life Potential Developments is dedicated to assisting you in removing the barriers that hinder your personal growth and success. We will help you develop skills through NLP CoachingNLP Training and NLP Products to achieve success and emotional well-being.

NLP Coaching

From bakers to politicians, children to seniors, our NLP Coaching has helped clients become happier, healthier, and more successful. Overcoming your emotional pain and stress starts with a call or email. Find out more here.

NLP Practitioner

Our NLP Practitioner Trainings are the easiest and most thorough in the world. We know this because our happy students in 39 countries tell us so. We use NLP to teach NLP, so join us in the fun of learning NLP. Find out more here.

NLP Products

Our NLP Products are easy to use and super helpful. If you have a specific need and will benefit from NLP, but you’re not quite ready for NLP Coaching or NLP Training, then check out our NLP Products. 

Our NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming Students And Coaching Clients Of Over 20 Years Explain The Value They Received.

NLP Training Testimonials/Reviews Here:

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP – neuro linguistic programming techniques are easy to learn and apply. In fact, millions of people worldwide use NLP techniques every day.

At Life Potential Developments, we use NLP techniques in our NLP Life Coaching and NLP Training to help students and clients overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, improve learning, and achieve greater personal and business success.

Neuro linguistic programming allows you to “re-program” negative emotions, patterns, and situations into positive emotions, patterns, and situations.

When you use NLP – neuro linguistic programming techniques, you positively influence yourself and those around you. You banish old, self-defeating patterns and create win-win situations with your spouse, children, co-workers, clients, friends – even strangers!

The result? Greater happiness, greater productivity, greater confidence, and greater success. And, neuro linguistic programming techniques are so subtle no one except you will know you’re using them! It will be your own personal “Secret to Success.”

How Different Would Your Life Be Tomorrow If You Could Motivate Yourself More Positively TODAY?

Imagine being able to eliminate your fears and replace them with self-confidence.

Imagine eliminating self-destructive thoughts and replacing them with new, empowering ones.

Imagine quickly and painlessly resolving conflicts and negotiations without struggle or stress.

Imagine …

Who Benefits From Life Potential Developments Services?

  • Parents who want their children to develop positive behavior patterns that allow them to excel in life, and to become healthy, well-adjusted individuals. Helping children, especially teens, to cope with the stress and bullying that is all too common in their schools and social life.
  • Therapists, Doctors, or other Health Professionals who want to establish early trust and rapport with their clients, and who seek to deliver rapid, effective results.
  • Teachers who want to enrich and accelerate learning and motivate their students to greater excellence. NLP can also help teachers maintain better control and a more positive learning atmosphere in the classroom
  • Business owners, CEOs, managers, sales professionals, if you’re in business and need to communicate more clearly, manage professional relationships with ease, negotiate more successfully, and sell more persuasively, then the Life Potential System is definitely for you.
  • Artists, including actors, dancers, singers, and musicians. If you want to remove mental blocks to your creativity, banish performance anxiety, boost self-confidence, and unlock your potential, the Life Potential System is for you.
  • Athletes and Athletic Coaches who want proven methods to lower competition stress, reduce burnout, improve self-confidence, attain peak performance mindset, and increase performance consistency.
  • And YOU, if you want to enhance and improve your relationships, communicate more effectively, feel more confident, create personal success, and maximize personal growth and change. Then you can benefit from working with us at Life Potential Developments.

Our Students Say, Live With Greater Happiness, Greater Productivity, Greater Confidence, And Greater Success When You Work With Life Potential Developments

NLP Coaching Client Jennifer Skuffham

Jennifer Skuffham Coordinator for Volunteer Services – Wolfville, Nova Scotia

“Life Potential Developments has helped me more than I can ever express. Ronda and Bob are such caring, wonderful people who want to help you live your best life. They go out of their way to guide, support and help you maximize your life potential. 

I really didn’t know what great things were in store for my future until I worked with Ronda. She taught me the necessary tools to overcome my fears and helped me push forward to live the life that I have always wanted. 

For the first time in my life, I finally have peace of mind, and until you have it, you will never know just how special that is. I am finally living the life that I have always wanted, and I owe it all to Ronda and Bob for showing me the way.”

Neuro Linguistic Programming student

Marc Hannon, M.S. Washington

I love the way you and Bob decided to offer your NLP training to the public. The online format is efficient and convenient to use, and there are so many extra benefits that the regular seminars just don’t have—especially your one-on-one assistance over the phone and online.

I really feel like you want your students to understand and learn the material and to be proficient practitioners. Your sincerity as people is a major plus, in my opinion.

I prefer your style of teaching, and I get a sense that you really want this tool to be used to help people improve their lives. 

I’ll recommend you highly to the people I know.

Coaching Training Student

Kate McIntyre, Columbus, OH Relaxation Life Coach NLP Practitioner

Life Potential Developments offers clear & concise training in NLP. The modules kept me interested and on target.

They successfully prepared me for creating my own life coaching business. Bob and Ronda teach in a way that is easy for students who learn visually, auditory or kinesthetically. Feel free to go at your own pace or follow their schedule.

The accreditation they provide backs up their education. Of course, they are extremely personable and professional and hands-on involved in the online training. 

I recommend their NLP training to anyone interested in creating a coaching career.

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