NLP Trainer or NLP Coach? Ronda and Bob NLP Masters at Both

Co-creators Of The Original NLP Certification Training Online

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Ronda Degaust

NLP Trainer Ronda Degaust is a
Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP),
Time-Based Techniques,
Certified Personal Coach,
Author of How To Heal From Years Of Criticism, Insults, Abuse & Rejection and
Columnist for a Health & Wellness Magazine based in California.

Using her specialized skills, Ronda assists her clients in addressing and resolving personal issues in order to enable them to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

She accomplishes this by working with clients to eliminate negative emotions, improve focus, concentrate on life priorities and remove barriers to success.

Through this process, Ronda successfully guides clients to achieving their life potential.

Ronda has achieved amazing results using NLP Coaching and NLP Training skills with private and professional clients since 2000.

She has also actively supported several charities and the Canadian Association of NLP (CANLP) which promotes the Global Standards for NLP recognized throughout the world.

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NLP Trainer Bob Clarke is a Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP), Time-Based Techniques, and a Certified Personal Coach.

Bob has enjoyed great success in assisting his clients to unlock their true life potential. He helps clients develop their communication skills and shift perspectives to achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

Specializing in helping individuals through NLP Training and Life Coaching, Bob enables his clients to understand better and manage their personal and professional lives.

By instructing clients on developing sound life-strategies, enhancing interpersonal communication skills, and understanding and effectively analyzing personal choices, he guides his clients in reaching their full life potential.

Since 1990, Bob has developed and successfully utilized his well-honed skills and experiences in NLP Training and Coaching to help a wide variety of private and corporate clients… with remarkable results!

As well as being an NLP Trainer and Coach, Bob has been nominated several times as Toast Master of the Year and is a past member of Rotary International.

You guys are great, and you teach the way I love to learn. You have a very special way to instruct your students. I felt at ease and very comfortable during the whole course. 

Maria Ellis,
Salt Lake City, Utah

Corporate Backgrounder: NLP Trainers 
Ronda and Bob Life Potential Developments

Ronda Degaust and Bob Clarke are the principals of Life Potential Developments and share a common passion … to help people throughout the world live healthier, more fulfilled and productive lives.

They are dedicated to the practice of neuro linguistic programming or NLP for short. Having found a unique way to bring NLP Training and NLP Life Coaching to their clients On-Line, throughout the world.

And through these two processes they are carefully guiding and teaching their clients to identify and effectively remove personal and professional growth barriers.

In doing so, they enable clients to achieve their maximum potential in life and business.


Bob and Ronda have developed their unique knowledge, skills, and ability to provide NLP Life Coaching and NLP Training Online. Having studied with Master Trainers John Overdurf, a Certified Addictions Counselor and past Associate Professor of Psychology at Elizabethtown College, and Julie Silverthorn, who holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Overdurf and Silverthorn are the founders and principals of Neuro Energetics and The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.


Ronda and Bob have extensive experience in delivering NLP Life Coaching and NLP Training Online to a variety of audiences. And the ability to deliver training to meet client requirements.

Individual Coaching can be arranged anywhere in the world by phone or Skype.

This flexibility in delivery is offered to help ensure all clients receive maximum benefits from their time with Life Potential Developments.

Original Creators

Ronda and Bob are also the creators of the original NLP Online Training.

Life Potential Developments’ NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program, and Master Practitioner Certification Online meet the Global Standards for NLP Excellent of 120 hours.

And with full support by Internationally Certified NLP Trainers Ronda Degaust and Bob Clarke. 

Corporate Principals: NLP Trainers 
Ronda and Bob Life Potential Developments


We support our clients in achieving whatever level of competence they desire to attain. From learning a few basic NLP skills to developing professional expertise.

Subsequently, Life Potential Developments also offers follow-up support to ensure clients receive a positive and rewarding experience that will last throughout their lifetime.


Every client of Life Potential Developments can be assured that they are dealing with professionals who hold client confidentiality and privacy in the highest regard.


Life Potential Developments is committed to assisting our clients to maximize their desired level of success, emotional security, and personal and professional development. We do this by utilizing the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coaching.


At Life Potential Developments, we share a common passion….we truly love to help people, like you, achieve their life potential. We have a strong desire to help our clients tear down limiting barriers in their lives. In other words, we are helping them achieve their life potential.

Models for you

As a result of maintaining the highest training standards, our clients quickly resolve personal past issues. Therefore enjoying their lives today, and enabling them to live a healthier, more productive life in the future. As trainers and believers in NLP and the coaching principals, it is essential that we “walk our talk.”

Modelling the balancing of heart, mind, and spirit is an integral part of our teaching.

“I knew I could be much more efficient and productive but could never quite figure out why I wasn’t… nothing ever seemed to change. Finally, I admitted to myself that I needed to find the right resource. I was lucky I didn’t have to look far. Got me on track, Thanks Ronda.” – Bill Denyar, Financial Advisor

Mission Statement: NLP Trainers
Ronda and Bob Life Potential Developments

“We are deeply committed to assisting people in achieving the highest possible levels of personal and professional development. We do this by determining and removing growth barriers. That is to say, we are enabling them to manage emotions better, communicate effectively, and live more productive, fulfilling lives.”

“Life Potential Developments has helped me more than I can ever express. Ronda and Bob are such caring, wonderful people who want to help you live your best life. They go out of their way to guide, support and help you maximize your life potential. I really didn’t know what great things were in store for my future until I worked with Ronda.

She taught me the necessary tools to overcome my fears and help me push forward. And most importantly, to live the life that I have always wanted.

For the first time in my life, I finally have peace of mind. And until you have it you will never know just how special that is.

Finally, I am living the life that I have always wanted and I owe it all to Ronda and Bob for showing me the way.”
– Jennifer Skuffham, Coordinator for Volunteer Services

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