4 Keys To Achieving Excellence In Your Life

4 Keys

1. Know Your Outcome (Goal) Knowing your outcome serves two purposes: 1. You need to know where you are going 2. You need to know when you arrived Remember the story of Alice in Wonderland? When Alice came to the fork in the road and asked the cat which road to take? The cat then … Read more

Ineffective Communication: How Is It Hurting You?

Communication image hammer wrench

Communication. Did you know you CANNOT – NOT communicate? What? Oh, sorry, let me communicate that more clearly. In NLP we say you are always communicating, even when you are sitting still doing nothing. Communication is what you do all the time. So it’s impossible not to communicate. How was that? Better?  Good, but here’s … Read more

What Is NLP Used For? Or, What Are Some Uses Of NLP?

What is NLP used for

The question “What is NLP used for?” or, what are some uses of NLP is a far better question than “What is NLP.” Because every single person on earth can have a different experience using NLP and, therefore, a different understanding of NLP. That’s why they say NLP is a subjective experience. And, because NLP … Read more

The Lazy Person’s Way To Using Hypnosis

Using Hypnosis Act As If image

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use hypnosis on yourself to be successful? Successful enough that people you know, and even those you don’t, would recognize your achievements. Well, even though you might be a little self-critical here on your ability to do this, let me explain through a movie analogy just how easy … Read more

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