Comments below are from our live seminars:

“Ronda and Bob are the “dynamic duo” of personal development. With their guidance through the neuro linguistic process, one can assimilate and identify their own personal barriers, as well as identify the communication techniques that can help them achieve success in all aspects of their lives.” – Karen Ferguson

“I liked the ease that Bob & Ronda had expressing their ideas. The interaction that occurred between those participating in the course. The exercises that we brought out of the course to do at home. The feeling I had leaving the course.” – Trish MacNeil, Accounting Supervisor

“My experience with NLP Practitioner Training brought out undeniable evidence that we all have the capabilities within us to change our lives for the better!” – Sandy McDonald, Real Estate Broker

“…Your knowledgeable and professional approach and your product offerings enriched learning for Acadia employees – not only tools and knowledge that they can apply at Acadia, but also in the other aspects of their lives. When participants were asked to rate your program on a scale from 1 to 5 (with 5 being extremely useful), your workshop received a rating of 4.6 out of 5. We are indeed inviting you back to Acadia University to partner in the Professional Development Program…” – Acadia University

“As always, I enjoyed the training and the time together with you both. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in such a non-threatening and inclusive manner. I continually learn from you. I love NLP!NLP has had a life altering effect on me. My perceptions, reactions and frames are much healthier. As well, my life is calmer and happier ? I believe NLP (and your training) has been instrumental in my process!” – Debbie Reimer, Social Worker, EO

“Absolutely everything was awesome! Ronda’s keynote address on “Getting Out of Your Own Way” was both enjoyable and practical for the students of Business Administration: Financial Services as they approach graduation and entry into the world of finance. The techniques introduced were practical and students have already put them to work successfully. Student feedback is extremely upbeat and positive. Thanks so much Ronda!” – Victoria M Dyer, Faculty; Business Administration: Financial Services; NSCC Kingstec Campus

“Ronda and Bob are highly skilled experts in this field of NLP, skills that they have passed on to me and my other fellow coaches through trainings. My NLP skills are invaluable, especially in helping raise and understand my children. I have the confidence to manage whatever challenges my children or life presents to me. Since the beginning, my self-awareness has grown to allow me to evolve into the person that has been tucked away for so long, screaming to come out. Now, I am confident and comfortable with myself, and I know that at any given moment I have everything I need.” – Krista McKay Wilmot, Nova Scotia