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Helping Women Go Through Life With Grace...

Rather Than Kicking And Screaming Like Their Mother Did!

Self-Esteem Expert Coach
Ronda Degaust
Self-Esteem Coach
Coach - Author - NLP Trainer

If you haven’t dealt with your emotional issues before menopause…hold on… you are in for a bumpy ride because they will hit you in the face during menopause.

Mood swings, hot flashes, sleepless nights, emotional out-breaks, depression, weight gain, lack of motivation, sadness….all can make the best time of your life a nightmare!

I watched my mother struggle with these symptoms during my pre-teen and teen years. She spent many hours in her bedroom crying…and as a child starting my hormonal changes…I can tell you it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

So, I made a decision, as I approached my perimenopause stage of life, to go through menopause with grace rather than kicking and screaming like my mother did! I was postmenopausal in my mid-50s and enjoying life to the fullest…mission accomplished.

You might have heard the saying, “you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself.” If you don’t love yourself, your relationships never get the best of you, and neither do you.

Are you reeling from unwanted emotions or still reliving past hurts over and over again, affecting your relationships and your quality of life?

If so, and you are ready and willing to take the first step into your magnificence, I would love to help you turn what could be a nightmare into a life filled with
joy, happiness and love.

Thank you for the healing light you brought to my past, present and future. That's a lot of light and its THANKS to you for being a loving talented and wise person as you are, and more than that. - With love and happiness,
Yael Tsviel
Social Worker Israel
Your work is Amazing and has forever changed me. You were able to get me "unstuck". The positive results are already evident in both my business and personal life.
Yvonne Bertrand,
Dartmouth, NS Canada

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