How You Too Can Stop Procrastinating Within Hours Watching This Video

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Whether you’re a student procrastinating rather than studying, or, you’re not as productive at work due to procrastinating, unfortunately, failure will always be a large part of your life.

Procrastination is like a disease with no cure, and, although you’ve tried, you have not been able to overcome it.

Everyone says you should just do what you have to do. And if you don’t, then you must be lazy.

And not only are you seen as lazy, they know you can’t be trusted … to get things done.

And at times you can even feel their eyes of disapproval upon you.

Your basic procrastination strategy would be:

  • Have a task to do
  • Procrastinate (do something else to Feel Good)
  • Miss your deadline
  • Feel bad
And, of course, look bad in other people’s eyes.

Imagine Yourself As A Doer

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Take a moment and imagine yourself as a doer, a non-procrastinator.

Non-procrastinators get things done.

People who get things done follow a successful strategy … every time.

They are efficient and never enter an extra step like procrastination. 

A basic successful doer strategy would be:

  • Have a task to do
  • Work on the steps of the task
  • Complete the task
  • Feel Good
And, of course, look good in other people’s eyes.

What You Must Change

Your procrastination started when you were young because you were never given the correct strategy for starting, progressing and completing tasks.

And, now, years later, you have solidified the habit of failure and, thus, embedded demotivation as your start to any future task or project. You are in a never-ending loop.

The start of each new task or project will always trigger demotivation and failure. Just as Pavlov’s dogs salivated when he rang the bell. 

The cause of your failure and not being motivated is a classical condition response.

In other words, it’s the Start That Stops You!

And, because you have little to no control over conditions in life, you need to change your habitual response to the conditions.

Our Stop Procrastinating program teaches you how to do just that. 

When you follow our Stop Procrastinating Program, you will never procrastinate again!

“I used your organization program for setting up a study schedule, and I PASSED MY EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel I owe you guys a great deal of gratitude … so thank you very, very, very, very, very, very, very, much! ……… thank you."
- Justin Roy, Student Halifax Canada
“I love the “Stop Procrastinating” program. I do that with everything now. I have time to spare now that I could never seem to find before. I am working out every day, and it feels so good. I have energy and stamina, my muscles are stronger, and I am going down in inches. I am very proud of myself for that. Things are falling into place. Life is good. I am happy. Thank you! I owe it all to you.”
– Lynette Langelid, Sorrento, BC
“It was easy to understand…the process is wonderful! I can finish projects now that I couldn’t even get started before.”
– A. Fogarty, Grandmother Cape Breton, NS

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