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NLP Products and Memberships To Help You Succeed!

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The NLP Products below have all been designed and created by Life Potential Developments. We first test each and every product within our training and coaching sessions because your success is important to us.

Maximize Your Life Potential - Video

NLP Products Maximize  Maximize Your Life Potential – Video  Learn how to “Maximize Your Life Potential” and start living the life you want! You Can Create Your Life The Way You Want It, Get What Ever It Is you Want – And Create Caring, Loving Relationships That Will Last And Make You Feel Good.

How To Heal - Book

NLP Products How To HealHow to Heal – Book How to heal from years of criticism, insults, abuse, and rejection. “This is not just another’solve-all-your-problems-by-thinking-positive-self-help-book’  Ronda clearly leads the motivated learner through a series of powerful exercises designed to heal the wounds of the past. Here’s to your life potential!” – Patrice M.Perillo, M.S.S., L.C.S.W. Life Coach Core Values Living

Fearless Public Speaking - Video

NLP Products Fearless Public Speaking  Fearless Public Speaking – Video Let us give you the secret to Overcome Shyness – Social Anxiety – Fear of Public Speaking! We promise you the ability to enter a room full of strangers – and talk to anyone with total confidence …

Serenity Now! - Audio

NLP Products Serenity Now Audio Serenity Now! – Audio  Hypnotic Trance Inducing Audio …The original music you’ll be listening to was specifically designed to work with your brain’s “calming” patterns (also known as alpha-wave patterns). Calm your mind, soothe your emotions, and deeply relax every muscle of your body.

Destress For Life - Video Program

NLP Products Destress For Life Destress For Life – Video Program Does trying to balance work, relationships, kids, and all your other responsibilities leave you feeling rushed, exhausted? Reduce Stress, Reverse Burnout,and Find New Energy… Simple process lets you enjoy life to the fullest – starting in just minutes – Guaranteed! Note: This product is included in the NLP Training Online

Stop Procrastinating - Video Program

NLP Products Stop Procrastinating Stop Procrastinating -Video Program “I love the “Stop Procrastinating” program. I do that with everything now. I have time to spare now that I could never seem to find before”.- Lynette Langelid, Sorrento, BC  Note: This product is included in the NLP Training Online

Stop Procrastinating and DeStress Bundle - Video Program

NLP Products Stop Destress Stop Procrastinating and DeStress Bundle -Video Program When you combine De-Stress for Life and Stop Procrastinating, you get a step-by-step template for taking your life back. These two programs used together give you a powerful one-two punch to banish stress and procrastination forever. Note: These products are included in the NLP Training Online

Crawling Out Of The P.I.T - ebook

NLP Products P.I.T Book Crawling Out Of The P.I.T – ebook Curious about what you will learn at an NLP Practitioner Certification & Coaching Program? Want to know more about NLP without spending the time and effort to research all the different NLP programs out there? Now you can … Nancy Bembridge, while taking her practitioner training, gave this detailed account.  Note: This product is included in the NLP Training Online

The NLP Coaching Handbook - Book

NLP Products NLP Coaching Handbook

Never Be Stuck Again!

The NLP Coaching Handbook – Book “If you want a quick and easy reference guide to NLP for patterns and processes if you are coaching or facilitating another’s resourcefulness, NLP Handbook is the book. You have at your fingertips the essential patterns of traditional NLP. Well done!”
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Master’s Series NLP Products

Sleight of Mouth - Audio & Manual

NLP Products Sleight of Mouth Sleight of Mouth – Audio & Manual In all persuasion situations, whether in therapy, sales or personal interaction it is critical that you are able to help people open up to what you are saying. Sleight of Mouth patterns will help you do just that by dissolving objections and resistance like magic! Even better, you can use these patterns in normal conversation.

Values/Breakthru Session - Audio & Manual

NLP Products Values Breakthru Values/Breakthru Session – Audio & Manual Our values are crucial to every decision we make – good or bad. As the live demonstration session will show, personal values are what drive us and our life choices. Values help us assign relative importance to human needs such as affection, recognition, security, satisfaction, and more. Clarify values – move forward and achieve more positive, fulfilled relationships.

Meta Programs - Audio & Manual

NLP Products Meta Programs Meta Programs – Audio & Manual Our personal and professional relationships succeed or fail based on how well we communicate and connect with others. Meta Programs are the “secret” language that can give you an incredible advantage because of your magical ability to understand and lead others.

Master Life Series Bundle - Audios & Manuals

NLP Products Masters Bundle Master Life Series Bundle – Audios & Manuals Anyone who needs to listen, support, encourage, train, or facilitate change can use NLP to create lasting results in very little time. Whether you’re a therapist, counselor, parent, teacher, coach, or in any line of work at all – you need these skills! Get the complete Life Language Learning Series!