Low Self-Esteem – What Causes It And A Free Way To Overcome it

Low Self-Esteem

Talk about low self-esteem. Growing up, I was treated like Cinderella … before she went to the ball. So often criticized for how I looked and acted, and as for my ability – nothing was ever good enough.  I tried harder and harder to please people, avoiding any actions seen as wrong. Then, sacrificing my … Read more

When Disaster Hits: How To Deal With Fear?

At Life Potential Developments we have a saying, “Focus On What Your Want” but even so it’s hard not to be affected by the overload of media warnings flashing before our eyes daily. From the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan to the latest flood, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and plane crashes, there seems to be no end in … Read more

Thanksgiving: Do You Focus On Self Or Others? What It Means

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! I’m writing about Thanksgiving as I’m having my morning coffee and thinking of all the people and things I am thankful for. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee, or two, and a good think. I avoid listening, reading, or getting caught up in all the media hype … Read more

Forgiveness: To Forgive or Not To Forgive

Many people have experienced being wronged by another person and felt anger, resentment and hurt.

Although this is a natural reaction, if you hold onto these feelings you are causing more harm to yourself than you are to the other person.

Anger Is Like Taking Poison

You may have heard the quote “Anger is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies.” Well even if you are not hoping the other persons dies, you are still pumping excessive amount of insulin from the pancreases, your adrenals pump out more adrenaline and your liver extra glucose into your body by holding onto any emotion that causes stress on your body.

During the natural fight or flight response, your body does pump out all these chemicals into your body, but it returns to normal very quickly. If you body is stressed due to negative emotions regularly it can wear out the body and in some cases cause heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. For these reasons alone it is a very good reason for forgiveness so you can have a life filled with joy, love, happiness and peace of mind.

Not Forgetting Or Condoning

Forgiving others or yourself does not mean you are forgetting or condoning what has happened. It doesn’t mean you are taking responsibility for the other person hurting you. Or about blaming the other person for your actions if you were the one that needs forgiving.

If you or the other person is the wrongdoer, forgiveness is about letting go of the hurt, resentment and anger and replacing it with understanding, compassion and love. It’s not about whether the person deserves your forgiveness; it is about releasing the past so you can have a healthy and happy present and future.

Not Willing To Forgive = Continued Pain

Not willing to forgive is like tying yourself to a post with

Read more

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