Developing Your Authentic Self: NLP Trainer, Coach and Author (5 books)

Roger Ellerton: Success Strategies Interview by Ronda

Prof Roger Ellerton Success Strategies

Ronda’s guest on Success Strategies with the Experts is Roger Ellerton – Successful Business Person, Certified Management Consultant, Author (of 5 books), NLP Trainer and Coach, Public Speaker, University Professor and Former Faculty Member, Executive in the Canadian Federal Government … and much more.

Developing Your Authentic Self

(Scroll down to see Bonus NLP technique before listening)

Bonus NLP technique!

Have an intent before reading, listening, or watching information.
I.E., ask yourself questions about what you want to gain from the information. To help you out, we have created some questions below.

Ask yourself these questions before listening to the audio:

● As a technology expert and leader of a technology group, what was Roger looking to achieve when he found NLP?
● Roger didn’t find success in his first live NLP training, so what did he do that was surprising?
● Ronda was glad that Roger took two different styles of training at first; why?
● How did Roger use NLP on a daily basis, and how did it play a role in his life?
● How did Roger use a fish Metaphor to explain how well he was doing in life?
● Roger “collected” a lot of degrees; why and what did it do for him?
● Do you collect things for the same purpose as Roger?
● How does Ronda explain back to Roger the process he used to
connect to his value system?
● Ronda says well-meaning adults try to do what to others?
● What is the important question that Roger says you should ask
yourself about your goals?
● How does Roger describe NLP, and how does he say other people
describe NLP?
● Roger says all models are wrong; how does he explain that so it
makes sense?
● Ronda says there is no failure; there’s only feedback. What does she
mean by that?
● What was Rogers’s motivation for writing a book?
● How did Roger handle the fact that he didn’t get his book written within the timeframe he set?
● What is the one presupposition that keeps coming up in Ronda’s and Roger’s conversations?
● When Roger wrote his first book, how much does he reckon that he was paid per hour to write the book?
● What did Roger hope that readers would gain from reading his books?
● What are the four steps to influence that Roger speaks about?
● Why does Roger think that Life Potential Developments’ NLP online training is just as good or better than a live training that you could attend?

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