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You Need To Know About These 6 Common Life Trances

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Have you seen “The Look”?

I used to see “The Look” whenever someone asked me, “What is NLP?”  and I started to tell them without first Pacing and Leading.

Pacing and Leading is an NLP term. It describes the process we use to help people avoid being overwhelmed or confused.

You can quickly put people into a trance by not using the NLP Pacing and Leading technique. But that’s only useful if you do it with intention.

Unfortunately, most people do it unintentionally because they don’t know better.

Trance is good when it’s intentional and usable. But if people are going into a trance because they can’t follow you, it’s time to return to where you lost them and take a more straightforward approach.

Remember to Pace and Lead when explaining new things to others, or you’ll get “The Look.”

You’ll Know It Is Trance By “The Look”

You’ll Know It’s Trance By “The Look”

You spend a lot of time being (overly) concerned about what others think of you. You’re not alone; everyone does it. We could even call it the “what are they thinking of me” trance.

So, let me take you out of that trance for just a moment and have you focus on this. If everyone’s doing it, doesn’t that mean that others you worry about are doing it too?

I saw an Betty 2 image

The other person you think is thinking of you is only concerned about what others think of them.

Who Or What Are You Focused On?

Life is like soap bubbles. We are all in our own world, yet sometimes, we share our world in an amicable or friendly way. Sometimes, we can irritate or be irritated enough to pop a bubble.

You're saying Betty 4 image

The more apart or different our worlds are, the more irritation or misunderstandings we have of each other.

Notice who you’re attracted to and repelled by, like a magnet with north and south poles. Then, you can start to notice the trance you are in compared to their trance.

And like the old saying goes, to know a wo/man, you must walk a mile in their shoes. That’s a real experience, giving you a chance to try on their trance.

Where Trance Lives

Alex Thinks Betty 5 image

When I sold real estate, I learned an essential lesson about trance: Stay out of the living room when discussing business.

Always discuss business in the kitchen.


The main reason is you can’t compete with TV trance. If the TV is on, it’s getting everyone’s attention. It’s almost impossible to walk through a room with a TV in it without staring at the darn thing when it’s on.

Computer trance is just as bad. If you work in an office or even at home, try to get someone’s attention when they are working on the computer. Sometimes, they’ll look at you … but it takes a while before they zone in and actually see or hear you.

Start Your Day In The Right Trance

Do you jump out of bed in the morning in a” What A Great Day” Trance?  Or do you awake in dread of “What Do I Have To Face Today” Trance?

Red Skelton, one of the old vaudeville comedians, used to start his day by asking himself this question. “What three amazing people am I going to meet today?”

Alex Ami Betty 3 image

Now, that’s an excellent trance to start the day with.

Do you imagine he met three amazing people every day? You bet he did!


People Betty 6 image

Because he expected to, his unconscious mind helped him to see exactly what he was looking for.

So, whether you want a better day or life, why not start by changing your trance? Our NLP Training can help you change any trance!

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