Does NLP Work? And Why That’s The Wrong Question To Ask

Does NLP work, have you asked yourself this question and struggled to find the answer? Well, if you have the reason is that it’s the wrong question to ask, let me tell you why. 

The reason it’s the wrong question is that the question presupposes (suggests) that NLP is a thing that either works or doesn’t work, like a pen or flashlight. When actually NLP is more like nature as it’s all about our natural way of processing life.

You wouldn’t ask the question, does nature work, would you? No, you would ask questions like what is nature, and how does nature work?

Therefore, rather than asking does NLP work you should be asking what is NLP  and how does it work?

OK, So What Is NLP?

As a Certified NLP Trainer, I want you to learn NLP the right way. I’ve been teaching NLP for over 20 years, and this is always the toughest question to answer, as I explain below.

The short rather technical explanation of NLP is that it’s the result of the in-depth study of the human mind using advanced psychology, human nature, and all things that humans do to be human.

This huge collection of knowledge has been gathered from many, many experts, in many fields since the beginning of time really.

One of the earliest understandings that I personally experienced and use comes from Plato. A life-changing understanding that is still unknown, or if known, then not fully understood by most people today.

NLP is a collection of knowledge, techniques, and processes that people use to accomplish the simple to the extreme changes in their lives.

So, Does NLP Work?

Again, by asking the question, “does NLP work,” is like asking does Nature really work, and that doesn’t make any sense now, does it?

But it helps me understand where a person’s thought process is. Because whenever I hear the question, “does NLP work,” I know that the person asking does not understand what NLP really is.

And that’s often because of many people “selling”  NLP as a tool you use as a pen or flashlight. They make it appear that it’s all about techniques that you turn on or off.

People we teach are using NLP effectively to change their lives, often with huge life changes.

In most cases, you will need to know more than just the technique for the process to be effective. You will find that NLP techniques “work” consistently every time if you use the processes correctly.

So rather than ask, “does NLP work,” try asking these questions:

What is NLP?

What are the benefits of NLP?

What do others say about NLP?

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