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How To Become More Intuitive So Trusting Will Never Again Be An Issue!

When you become more intuitive you’ll finally be able to trust that you’re absolutely doing the right thing, every time – For You. Here I’ll introduce you to some techniques you can use to make that happen.

But before we do that you should know what intuition is, and why you haven’t been able to use it lately to help you. Or better stated, why you haven’t been able t use it effectively so you can fully trust the choices and decisions you make.

When you become more intuitive your intuition will become loud and clear in telling you the answers you need to know to keep you healthier, happier, and yes, even richer. And because your intuition is literally your best friend – You Ignore It At Your Own Peril!

What Intuition Is

Intuition goes by many names, and it works the same no matter what you call it. Some just call it their intuition, and others call it their Guardian Angel, Gut Feeling, Sixth Sense or The Universal Power. Some have more personal names like George, Jackie or Odanue.

You may even associate it with the often used visual of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Whatever floats your boat as they say…

I simply refer to it as the unconscious or subconscious mind because, as you’ll learn in the NLP Training Online where we cover it in great depth due to it’s importance in your life, it’s that unconscious all knowing area of you mind where it lives and works.

But, like I said, it will work the same way no matter what you call it. The key is to know how to get it to work so it’s beneficial powers are working for you every moment of the day 24/7. (Yes, even while you sleep!)

You? Born Without A Conscious Mind

When a child is born s/he comes into this world with only an unconscious mind. And from that moment on the child’s mind is gathering information and building conscious awareness.

At around the age of seven the child starts to create conscious connections and form rational thoughts. Or in other words, the child starts to add 2 and 2 together. At this age the child starts to “Get” jokes as an example.

This is where most people start the process of conscious reliance, and stopping the process of listening to their all-knowing, more powerful unconscious mind.

Did you notice I said, “stopping the process of listening”? I did not say your unconscious intuition mind was gone!

Your all-knowing unconscious mind still tries to get you to pay attention, but you have taken away it’s authority and given it to your conscious mind.

Want Proof? Simple, just take a moment and think if you’ve ever said to yourself or others, “I knew I should or shouldn’t have done that.” Or something along those lines.

You see, in order for you to have made that type of statement you would have had to have another input. But you have buried your unconscious mind so deep you can’t distinguish it’s “real” knowing from your conscious minds “thinking” it knows.

Why Become More Intuitive?

Life was so much easier when you were a kid, wasn’t it? Well, that’s because someone else was doing all the worrying and making all the tough decisions in your life.

I’m sure there’s been at least one time in your past where you had to make a really important decision, and wished you had an expert advisor who knew what to do at your side.

Perhaps your business or job requires fast, accurate decision making where yours’ or others’ futures are at risk?

And how many times do you lie awake at night racking your brain because of what you recently did, or what you have to do tomorrow?

But it’s not just the big all-important life decisions that you need help with. What about when you need to know which shoes, car or house to buy? And what about that person who just asked you out, should you go?

If you could hire someone who would guarantee you that they could always give you the right answer to every question you ever had, wouldn’t that be worth whatever amount they charged?

Well, you have that person at your service already. It’s your unconscious mind and it knows better what’s best for you more than anyone else on this planet.

And not only that, the number one job of your unconscious mind is to protect and serve you. So it will never let you down!

How To Become More Intuitive
(Or Letting The Genie Out Of The Bottle)

To become more intuitive you must first start to recognize how your unconscious mind communicates with you.

We’ve all heard how computers don’t really understand words and in fact only communicates in ones and zeros (1 or 0). Well, your unconscious mind is similarly basic, it communicates with YES and NO signals.

So, you must first start paying attention to how your unconscious mind gives you the YES and NO signals, because everyone is different.

You may have a feeling in a certain area of your body that represents a YES and a different feeling or locations for a NO.

Or you might get a different type of visual for each YES and NO, or a different sound, or change in the sound for each YES and NO.

I would recommend starting out by learning how your unconscious mind communicates to you and then start to amplify that response so it becomes the dominant mind in charge, replacing your conscious mind’s present position.

Your conscious mind still plays an active and important role in your life but it’s not capable of giving you the absolute correct information every time, like your unconscious mind can.

And the conscious mind’s highest priority is NOT to serve and protect you.

Do this exercise to start things happening. Speak to your unconscious mind in a very literal sense, as if it was a 4 year old, and explain to it you want to re-start communications with it. And yes, do this in silence otherwise you’re going to have people avoiding you like they do the guy who talks to pigeons on the street corner.

Oh, and a very important thing to always do, once you get communication started always, ALWAYS, thank your unconscious mind for it.

Start now and keep practicing, and start with easy questions that can be answered with a YES or a NO, and have patience.

Here’s an example to give you an idea of how to start:

Let’s say you’re at a restaurant and your question is, should I have fries or salad with my meal. (OK, so this should be a no-brainer and that’s why I’m using it)

You ask, in silence of course, “Unconscious mind should I have fries with my meal?” and notice what happens, IE: do you get some type of feeling somewhere, sound, visual or other?

Then you ask the same question with one slight change.
“Unconscious mind should I have a salad with my meal?” and notice what happens, IE: do you get some type of feeling somewhere, sound, visual or other?

Now take the response you received and contrast the two. You should have a distinctive difference to work with. And, you should get the same responses in the future for subsequent questions.

And just to be clear, here’s how NOT to ask the question: “Unconscious mind should I have fries of salad with my meal?” This question cannot be answered with a yes or no.

The Secret Intuitive Weapon

I mentioned in my last post that I would tell you about an alternative mechanical method that you could use if you’re struggling to make it work. But that will have to wait until my next post, as this post is double the size it should be and I have used up all my time.

I promise next weeks post will be worth the wait, as I’m going to tell you how you can:

  • Use a simple house-hold device to get answers
  • Get a better nights sleep
  • Solve problems while you’re sleeping

And in the meantime practice, practice, practice and look forward to an exciting future with your new best friend – Your very intuitive Unconscious mind.

And if you want to take a big leap in life check out our NLP Training Online, my unconscious mind tells me you will always be glad you did.