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The Lazy Person’s Way Of Using Hypnosis Successfully

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use hypnosis on yourself to be successful?

Successful enough that people you know, and even those you don’t, would recognize your achievements.

Well, even though you might be a little self-critical here on your ability to do this, let me explain through a movie analogy just how easy it can be.

You do like watching movies, don’t you?

Using Hypnosis – Relax, Act As If

My favourite movies are the mystery ‘whodunnit’ types. And second, I like comedy; I think we all need a good laugh now and then as life can be way too serious.

And the actors are amazing people, aren’t they? I mean, they can read a script, study the person they are to become in the movie, and in a short period be that person – And So Convincingly!

But doesn’t that make you wonder? How do they manage to act as if and convince you, the watcher, when you know they are only acting?

The man who brought hypnosis into the medical field, Dr. Milton Erickson, once said a fascinating thing. He said that you can’t convincingly act as if you are in a hypnotic trance because once you are that convincing, you are in a hypnotic trance.

How Convincing Are You?

Perhaps this is why many never change and improve their lives. Maybe they are acting their part so well that they don’t even know they are anymore.

Does that ring any bells with you? Do you know someone who has convinced themselves that well? I think we all do.

One person may act as if they can change, and another person may act as if they can’t change.

And they are both convinced and convincing – Bravo, Bravo!

So, that means that you can take on any role you choose and be as convincing as you want to be. It all depends on which position you want the most. You could say you have the choice between a bit part or the lead role.

Why not try The Lazy Person’s Way To Using Hypnosis, and act as if you’re the star in the blockbuster life of the century.

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